FULLABALOO | Tulane goes test optional in favor of TikTok followers

Prospective Student, Definitely Not TikTok Famous

This article is entirely satire. All information and interviews below are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

TikTok fame will become the new driver of admissions for Tulane University. (Hailie Goldthorpe)

Following many universities around the country, Tulane University will become test optional in the fall. Students will no longer have to suffer the burden of taking the ACT and SAT — instead, their admission will be entirely dependent on their level of TikTok fame. 

Tulane’s acceptance rate has been steadily becoming more selective over the past few years. None of that will change with the new admissions tactics. But now, instead of painstakingly analyzing each applicant for intelligence and interest in Tulane, students will only be required to submit their TikTok profiles for admissions to review. 

The more famous a prospective student is, the more likely they are to be accepted. 

The move comes after the admissions office’s rise to TikTok fame. After realizing how lucrative their account — @onlyattulane — with 11,400 followers could be, admissions decided bringing thousands of famous freshmen to campus would bring a new level of cool to campus. 

Plus, it would be a great collab opportunity, with the potential to raise @onlyattulane’s follower count even higher. 

New applicants could include anyone with enough followers to be eligible for the creator fund. That includes accounts with as little as 10,000 followers to TikTok giants like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. 

“I’m thinking of applying to Tulane now,” TikTok star Addison Rae said. “With my followers I would be a shoo-in. And I like the idea of only the audacious because I want even more audacity than I already have.” 

The move is led by Tulane President Mike Fitts. 

“I want to make campus way cooler than it already is,” Fitts said. “Right now we have all these nerds with crazy high test scores getting in. Now we need a new group of stars to make Tulane blow up on TikTok, collab with us and make Tulane a destination for the best kids our country has to offer — the internet famous ones.” 

The move is not popular with everyone, however. 

“This is so dumb,” @user358134535 said. She currently has two followers on TikTok. 

“Instead of studying for the ACT or trying to get good grades now I’m going to spend my senior year perfecting my dance to Renegade by K Camp.”

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