TUPD confirms ‘clown sightings’ as social media hoax on Uptown Campus

Canela Lopez & Brandi Doyal News Editor, Senior Staff Reporter

Tulane University Police Department confirmed that there were no sightings of a clown in Tulane’s Uptown campus.

TUPD Lieutenant Robert Calabresi said the department is treating reports of the clown as a social media hoax. TUPD checked the area and no suspicious characters were found.

“We immediately set up a perimeter around the area…we could not find anyone who had actually seen a clown,” Calabresi said. 

Calabresi said that reports of a gun were also received and proved untrue. 

An image of a clown has been circulating through social media and between students at Tulane. There is no proof that this photo was taken on Tulane’s campus. 

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