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Scott Cowen


As president of Tulane University, Scott Cowen has responsibility over all aspects of the university. He is in charge of coordinating all the departments into a cohesive and successful unit. Library renovations, the new stadium and plans for a new residence hall are all things to look forward to this school year.

Of all of his university responsibilities, Cowen said he most enjoys his interactions with the students.

“What always inspires me and refreshes me is meeting new students,” Cowen said.

Cowen advised new students to check out his favorite restaurant, Jaques-Imo’s among a groundbreaking for other words of wisdom.

“This is going to be the most exciting four years of your life and you should take part in all of it,” Cowen said “College should be a broadening and deepening experience so I encourage you to participate in everything you can. Do it safely, smartly and legally.”



James MacLaren

Dean of Newcomb-Tulane College

James MacLaren, dean of Newcomb-Tulane College, is primarily responsible for the undergraduate academic support services including the honors program, academic advising, tutoring and study abroad.

New for this year from MacLaren’s office is an intensive career internship planning experience on Jan. 11 and 12. Students will be able to return to school early from holiday break in order to network with alumni and learn more about the internship and job searching processes. In addition, MacLaren is working to bring more summer study abroad opportunities to Tulane students this year.

“It’s great when you can solve problems,” MacLaren said. “And so part of what I always tell students is that the worst thing you can often do is not let us know when something is not going right because we’re not able to help.”



Michael Hogg

Vice President of Student Affairs

Activities that occur outside of the classroom fall under the jurisdiction of Michael Hogg, the vice president of student affairs. This office encompasses more than 300 student organizations, Greek life, the Reily Center, office of conduct and residence halls.

Hogg brought free laundry, micro-fridges in the dorms, new lounge furniture and the expansion of shuttle services to Tulane this year. Hogg organizes Fridays at the Quad, along with other campus programming which can be found on the calendars posted in the dorm rooms.

Hogg feels that getting involved on campus is important to new students.

“If I was a student here, I would get out of my dorm room, check out all of it,” Hogg said. “There’s something here for everyone.”



Carolyn Barber-Pierre

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs

The office of multicultural affairs works to “strengthen and enhance diversity at Tulane University,” according to its mission statement. Director Carolyn Barber-Pierre, also the assistant vice-president for student affairs, is at the head of the office. Barber-Pierre organizes programs and services that support underrepresented communities on campus among color, LGBTIQA, and religious divisions.

This year, Barber-Pierre will be rebranding the office because of the newly created director for gender and sexual diversity position. The office of multicultural affairs, office of gender and sexual diversity and office of religious life are joining forces to become “The O.”

“We are inclusive and welcoming to all students,” Barber-Pierre said. “We need to go beyond when we say multicultural affairs. We don’t just mean ethnic students.”



John Nonnamaker

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

John Nonnamaker is the associate vice president of student affairs. His duties include overseeing new student orientation, student transitions, parent and student programs, and staff development for the division of student affairs.

This year, Nonnamaker is working on plans to engage first-year students more than ever before through shared interest programming.

“Our goal is really to connect students early and to make sure they understand all the opportunities that are available to them,” Nonnamaker said.

He encourages first-year students to get involved in an activity that they’re familiar with, in addition to something new.

“College,” Nonnamaker said. “It’s a do-over, right? You get to re-boot yourself. So I think in college it’s in some ways an opportunity to rediscover yourself because you’re in a new environment.”



Red Tremmel

Director of the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity

The position of director of the office for gender and sexual diversity is new to Tulane, held by Red Tremmel. Tremmel will continue the work that the office of multicultural affairs was doing with LGBTIQA students. He will work with departments, administrative offices and student organizations to ensure a campus climate free of bias and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Tremmel has created an online newsletter that includes a calendar to update students about LGBTIQA events around campus. He also encourages students to come talk to him about their experiences at Tulane.

While in his new role, he plans to host qualitative focus groups this year and do a survey next semester that will be used to create next year’s programming.

“The administration is really open to what students want and so I’m here to network them,” Tremmel said.