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Mary Kilpatrick

Plans for a new dining hall to replace Bruff Commons are in pre-design stages. Construction on the new dining facility, which would open in August 2015, would begin in May 2013, according to the university’s preliminary timeline.

Director of dining and auxiliary services Lisa Norris said the dining hall’s location and cost have yet to be determined.

“We are meeting with William Rawn and Associates May 9, 10 and 11, and we will have more information then,” Norris said. “We hope to conclude pre-design and have a cost by June.”

Bruff Commons will remain open and operational until the project’s completion. The project is planned by the University Architect in conjunction with William Rawn and Associates.

University Architect Collette Creppell did not respond to repeated calls to her office.

Norris said Campus Dining is eager to begin construction on the new dining hall.

“It’s on [President Scott Cowen’s] list of projects that need to be completed on campus,” Norris said. “This is the closest we’ve ever come to have a new dining hall.”

Tulane Campus Dining General Manager Thomas Beckmann said much still needs to be determined as far as specifics of the dining hall.

“There is so much in the air,” Beckman said.

Junior Bri Pavlich said she is excited about the new dining hall.

“It’s going to be cool to have a brand new dining hall,” Pavlich said. “I’m sorry I’m going to graduate before I see it.”