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Rae Abbot

The Crawfest Committee released the lineup for this year’s Crawfest Sunday. Galactic, ALO and Eric Lindell will headline the event.

Other acts include Sol Driven Train, Mississippi Rail Company, Los Po-Boy-Citos, Higher Heights and Erica Flowers. The committee will announce the four remaining acts next week.

“It’s been so crazy,” said junior Kaitlin Treadaway, music chair of the Crawfest Committee. “So many bands want to be a part of it. Artists from last year have been emailing me wanting to come back again.”

Treadaway said this year, they strove to assemble a lineup that was distinct from last year’s.

“We’re very excited about Galactic,” Treadaway said. “They’re popular, and the student response has been really positive.”

Crawfest bands are normally New Orleans based.

“We usually get funk, bluegrass, jazz and brass bands – a little bit of everything,” Treadaway said. “Last year, we had some indie bands, and we’re incorporating some soul this year with Erica Flowers. We’ve never hit the Latin and Reggae side before, which we’re doing with Los Po-Boy-Citos, and I think that’s important to do this year for something different.”

Last year, Curren$y’s scheduled performance fell through. Treadaway said the committee has learned from their mistakes.

“This year, we made sure all the contracts were drawn up and ready to go before we announced anything,” Treadaway said. “We know now to make sure all the bands are definitely on board. That’s partially why we didn’t do the hip-hop thing this year. It was pretty hard on us last year. We’re a little scared to do it again.”

Treadaway said that though she and her co-chair Adam Troizy make the final decisions, the selection process is thorough, and the entire committee gets involved.

“We do a lot of research and listen to every band,” Treadaway said. “When we start narrowing it down, we make sure everyone is included. We play stuff for everybody on the committee and see what they think. It’s a collective decision in the end.”

Treadaway said she got everyone she wanted this year and that price negotiations usually aren’t necessary.

“We do negotiate sometimes,” Treadaway said. “One year, a band wanted hotel and air fare, and we obviously couldn’t provide that. But lots of them went to Tulane and love the community so much, they’re willing to play for less. It’s also different because it’s a festival with a 60-minute set, not a whole show with a 90-minute set.”

Treadaway said Crawfest is growing.

“The [Crawfest] name is out there – it’s on its way up,” Treadaway said. “I definitely see it being able to attract bigger names in the future.”

Junior Stefan Schembor said he’s excited for this year’s Crawfest.

“Some of the bands in the lineup have played at Fridays at the Quad events, which have been good,” Schembor said. “That means Tulane is bringing back successful acts, which is a good move on their part. It’s almost like they’re using FAQs as tests for Crawfest.”

Sophomore Sara Greenberg said she thinks this year’s lineup is better than last year’s.

“I think it’s better because Galactic is playing,” Greenberg said. “I’m really excited because I’ve never seen them before, and I’ve heard they’re amazing.”

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