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Karla Thurber

Curie is a local rock band comprised of four talented women whocombine their musical gifts to produce a unique sound. Three of themembers are Tulane students: Rachel Clark ’12 on lead guitar andvocals, Jordan Andrea ’12 on rhythm guitar and vocals, and AmandaFoy ’13 on drums. The fourth member is a local science teacher,Clare Davis-Wheeler, on bass and vocals. Part of Curie’s distinctstyle stems partly from its frequent and impressive vocalharmonies, which give its music a transcendent quality. Curie hasplayed in several local venues during the last year, including theAnne Rice Vampire Ball at Republic. The band has begun re- cordingits first album and hopes to release it soon.

Karla Thurber: How was Curie formed? Curie: Before summer breakone year, a couple of us went to a show together, and afterwards,we talked about how great it would be to start our own band. Wecalled a friend of ours, who was also a musician, and told her wewere starting a band. It wasn’t a question; we were starting aband. We approached our fourth member and played her a few songs,and even though it seemed as if she thought we were crazy, shewanted to join the band.

KT: Why did you choose the name “Curie?” C: We wanted somethingthat referenced New Orleans and represented strong women. We allagreed to Curie, named after Marie Curie. She was the first personto win two Nobel Prizes, she had many interesting love affairs, andshe died because of her work. We thought of the name because itsuggests female power but also has a whimsical, Victorian aestheticto it.

KT: Do you have any recurring themes throughout yourmusic?

C: Our music can be de- scribed as confessional poetry. Themes thatoften appear in our music involve the ten- sion between intimacyand freedom; love and loss and gain and how that all makes youevolve; and the depth of emotional and human experience frompersonal stories of love and frustration, all connected to widersocial themes. Our music results from feelings that can’t gowithout being translated into some form that reaches otherpeople.

KT: Do you have a target audience? C: We don’t seek out aparticular type of audience, and we feel like we can hold our ownin variety of atmospheres. We play for people who want tolisten.

Upcoming shows: Feb. 12, Allways Lounge, 10 p.m. Feb. 17,TWLOHA Fund- raiser, The Big Top, 6:30 p.m.