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Lynne Firmin

The Fogelman Fanatics have made it their mission to build a strong fan base of students that support its athletes. The group of Tulane students seeks to create a spirited student section at every sporting event and is currently planning their most recent, and largest, project yet: Fogelman Fest.

The Fanatics are finalizing plans for Fogelman Fest, which will be a large pep rally event taking place 1 to 4 p.m. Feb. 24 outside Fogelman Arena that aims to get students excited about the men’s game vs. Tulsa the next day and encourage more to come. The Athletic Department, Housing and Residence Life, Friday at the Quad and the Krewe of Green Wave have all agreed to sponsor the event.

The Tulane student body isn’t known for its passionate athletics support. While many students argue that the lack of athletic support is strictly a result of poor team performance, others say that a strong fan base is crucial to players’ motivation and success.

The Fogelman Fanatics made it their mission to fundamentally change students’ attitudes toward athletics. This group of undergraduates largely encompasses the student section at any sporting event they can squeeze into their schedule. They can often be spotted in the front row, standing up, cheering from start to finish, engaging the rest of the crowd in their creative cheers, chants and songs.

After one of the worst football seasons in Green Wave history, this pack of diehards decided they would focus extra attention on basketball season. The Fanatics meet as a group to plan their cheers for each basketball game. Senior Alex Bernadett came up with the name Fogelman Fanatics.

“We want to revive a fan base that historically has been one of the most exciting, passionate, rowdy fan bases in the country,” Bernadett said. “Overall, the goal is to support our student athletes, have fun and provide a piece of Tulane that has been missing from our college experience – an excited student section.”

Graduate student Jeff Darling agrees that something must change in Tulane sports.

“Tulane is a university that projects the holistic student experience, and there is a piece of that pie that is severely lacking,” Darling said. “It’s the athletic experience.”

Junior Kyle Gordon, otherwise known as “That Guy Tulane,” said that the Fogelman Fanatics have a direct effect on the players.

“The team’s morale is so much higher when they see a group of dedicated fans front and center, loud and obnoxious, every single game,” Gordon said. “They want to do something cool. They want to perform for the fans. Fogelman Arena has the potential to be one of the scariest arenas for the opposing players.”


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