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Madeleina Halley

As the Healthy Veggie Club nears its one-year anniversary, ithopes to expand by hosting a variety of events that appeal not onlyto vegans and vegetarians, but also to anyone who is interested ineating healthier.

Junior Melanie Jensen started the club in February 2011 becauseshe wanted a space in which she could discuss healthy eatinghabits. Though Jensen is a vegan, many of the club’s members arevegetarian or meat-eaters. The club focuses its meetings on how toeat healthier by eating more natural foods, more fruits orvegetables and limiting processed foods.

“People have to vent because they are frustrated with theoptions [for vegan and vegetarian eating],” Jensen said.

The members meet once every two weeks, and about as often theyhave meetings with the Bruff chefs to discuss ways to improve veganand vegetarian options in Bruff.

Vice President Madeleine Carnemark said the club members don’taim to convert people into vegetarians or vegans but just want toencourage healthy eating habits.

“It’s really more of a social club,” Carnemark said. “It’s justsomething fun to do with like-minded people.”

Junior Caroline Gray, one of the original members of the club,said she joined the club because she wanted to improve her owneating habits and explore the eating options both at Tulane and inNew Orleans.

“As a city, there’s so many great culinary options, but you justhear about fried food or food that isn’t healthy,” Gray said.

In meetings, club members often recommend new restaurants thatserve natural, healthy food or share healthy recipes.

The club hosted a bake sale on Thursday with healthy treats,some of them vegan, to promote the club. Proceeds will go to amake-your-own granola bar event. The club will collaborate withanother campus group, Fleurish, before Mardi Gras so that those whoattend can make their own healthy, natural snacks to eat during theparades. The club also hopes to organize a cooking class at Hillel.During Earth Week, the club will collaborate with Bruff to featurethe “My Kitchen” section serving only vegetarian food for thatweek.

The Healthy Veggie Club also operates a website that has linksto restaurants, recipes and general information about beingvegetarian or vegan.

In the future, the club hopes to expand its roster and spreadhealthy eating values to more people.

“I would love to see more people be involved and more peopleeducated about what they’re eating,” Gray said.


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