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Alex Trabolsi

Molly Ward took over as the new Lavin-Bernick Center directorfollowing the retirement of her predecessor and mentor LelandBennett.

Ward previously served as the associate director of facilitiesfor more than four years. In that position, Ward was in charge ofthe custodial staff and caretaking for the LBC, McAlisterAuditorium and Rogers Memorial Chapel. Ward said she is lookingforward to her challenging new responsibilities, which includegeneral oversight of all three facilities.

“The LBC has been through a lot since it opened, and I feel thatit finally found its stride,” Ward said. “I am lucky to have theopportunity to stay in New Orleans and follow through with all theexciting things we’ve done.”

Ward says she looks forward to cultivating partnerships with allthe facilities’ clients as well as Tulane students.

“Those relationships are the most important thing,” Ward said.”They let us better serve the students. Most of us work at theuniversity because we like working with students. Being able tosupervise students for four years and make a lasting connectionwith them is very rewarding.”

The LBC is largely a student-run facility. Maddy Shikh-Salim, asenior event services worker, said that she has enjoyed her timeworking with Ward and the rest of the LBC staff.

“I have a really good relationship with Molly and the rest ofthe staff, but I am very respectful as well,” Shikh-salim said.”It’s a perfect balance. Molly takes her work very seriously. She’sgoing to be an awesome director.”

Junior Jamie Haber has been happy with the LBC during her timehere but sees room for improvement as the university continues togrow.

“The LBC is one of our only food alternatives to Bruff Commonsand one of our only study alternatives to the library,” Haber said.”I think they need to deal with the issue of crowding and possiblyexpand it as the student body grows.”

Ward has many ideas for future projects but said she is mostlylooking forward to maintaining the high level of service she hasbeen a part of during her time here.

“As the building is getting older, we look forward to developinga replacement and renewal program to figure out how we improvecertain areas,” Ward said. “My job is to ensure everyone is happywith the building and we continue to bring exciting programs herein the future.”

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