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Lucy Stratton

Dan Savage is bringing sex-ed to Tulane, and he’s taking noprisoners. America’s leading sex columnist is visiting universitiesall across the country to film MTV’s “Savage U,” a show based onSavage’s answers to sexual questions and stories posed by collegestudents. Saturday through Tuesday, Savage will be at Tulanehosting filmed Q&A sessions where no topic is too prude ortaboo. 

“We’re trying to travel to colleges all over the country,”Savage said. “Big schools, small schools, private schools, liberalarts schools, more technical places, and we’re just trying to taketheir sexual temperatures.”

Savage has been giving sex advice through the criticallyacclaimed advice column “Savage Love” for the last 20 years.  Theopenly gay writer has coined many neologisms through his column,such as GGG (good, giving, game) and santorum (Google it). Peoplefrom all walks of life send anonymous letters to the columndetailing their sex issues such as infidelity, coming out of thecloset or fetishes – to receive some savage love advice. 

“I’ve gotten letters from people cheating on their husbands andtheir husband doesn’t know, what should they do? Then in the sameday I’ve gotten a letter from the husband saying his wife wascheating on him, what should he do? That was a red letter day,”Savage said. 

Savage is dedicated to changing the popular perceptions of sexand sexuality. In 2010, Savage and his husband pioneered the “ItGets Better” video campaign in order to spread a message of hopeamong troubled and suicidal LGBT youth.  He hopes that “Savage U”will also serve as a vehicle for spreading awareness and inspiringcollege students to become more honest about their desires and moreaccepting of their peers. 

“It’s often an eye opener to sit in a room with your peers andto listen to the questions that are being asked by people who aregay or closeted or kinky or non-orgasmic or with prematureejaculation problems – people you may know, people who are in yourclasses or on your dorm floor with you.” Savage said. “That issomething that I know people take away from the Q&As that wedo. People leave thinking more deeply about who they are as sexualbeings and more compassionately about who their peers are.”

Some of the things Savage hopes to challenge through “Savage U”are the misconceptions surrounding sex. Most of thesemisconceptions involve what is widely considered to be “normal” or”natural” in sexual relationships and what is not.  

“One of the things that makes me mad at humanity is howcomplicated we are socially,” Savage said. “Our cultures, ourreligions, our tastes when it comes to sex, our tastes when itcomes to food. We don’t run around with this idea that everyoneshould be eating and satisfied with the same meal every day, orthat anybody who wants something different than everyone else iseating is sick or immoral. But we have this idea when it comes tosex that we should all want the same entr?©e.” 

Anyone interested in submitting their questions to Dan Savageand appearing on the show can register their interest by emailingtheir name, phone number, year in school and a recent picture [email protected]