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Jonathan Estuart

While finding ways to exploit our NOLA Experience freshmen forarticles, The Tulane Hullabaloo decided to kill two birds with onestone and force them to eat entirely too much pizza while writingdown their thoughts. What follows is a series of “totallyscientific” surveys about five pizzerias that would deliver to thewithering bodies locked up in the basement of the Lavin-BernickCenter on a Wednesday night. We asked each pizza place for onecheese and one pizza with toppings of their choice.


With the best plain cheesepizza and a fantastic specialty pizza in the form of the classiccombo, Reginelli’s was widely agreed upon to be the best of thefive. The cheese in both was rich and flavorful, while the perfectcrust practically begged to be devoured by hungry freshmen. Don’tlet the fact that it is a chain pizzeria fool you. Reginelli’s isgreat. It was also relatively quick – Reginelli’s estimated a 45minute wait but only needed 35 to make and deliver thegoodness.

5 out of 5, though if they could give a 6 they would.

Random freshman quote:

“Excellent wow factor.”

“The sausage was unreal.”

The Dough Bowl

Tulane’s most convenientpizzeria was also pretty underwhelming for the kids. It’s not agreat pizza, but all those spices – mainly oregano – definitelymake up for what seemed like a lack of quality ingredients. It alsotook 33 minutes even though it estimated 20. And it isn’t at allsurprising that when we asked The Dough Bowl to make us one pizzaof whatever it wanted to make, the worker thought for a momentbefore replying, “So…pepperoni?”

Editor’s note: The older staff of The Hullabaloo promised the kidsthat eventually they would understand the late-night appeal of Bootpizza.

2 out of 5.

Random freshman quote:

“Greasy, greasy, greasy.”

Roman’s Pizza

Roman’s Pizza on Cohn Streetwas mostly middle of the pack. Even with a good crust-to-sauceratio and a great crust to boot, the pizzas lacked a wow factorthat separated them from the top-rated pizzas. One resounding cryamongst the starved was, “Hmm, that was pizza.” Perhaps the bestupside to the place is the good timing: Roman’s took 30 minutes onthe dot.

3.5 out of 5.

Random freshman quote:

“The first thing you tasted was rosemary.”

Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza, located acrossClaiborne from the Wilson Center posits itself as the healthiestoption for students, but the components of Naked’s pizza were hitor miss. The crust was far too dry, and there was just not enoughcheese on the bland cheese pizza. On the other hand, the othertoppings were great, especially on the Super Biotic specialty.Those artichokes took the cake for best topping of the night, whilethe cheese just lacked any flavor. It was quick as with a deliverytime of 29 minutes, though they did say they the pizza would onlytake 25.

3.5 out of 5.

Random freshman quote:

“They should have served it naked.”

Doors’ Uptown Pizza

The Doors’ pizza wasdefinitely unique. Whether it was unique in a good way was up fordebate. While some of the freshmen liked it, most thought the saucewas too sweet and that the cheese was weirdly glued into the sauce.While the Times-Picayune calls Doors’ Uptown Pizza one of the bestof the city, the fresh meat to the city lacked the love for theirthin crust style. It was definitely a divisive piece of pie.

1.5 out of 5.

Random freshman quote:

“I liked the crust.”

“I’ve never tasted pizza that had that flavor – and I’m not sure Iwant to again.”