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If you’ve ever tried to make Mother’s Day brunch reservations,you’re well aware that restaurants start filling up weeks inadvance – if not earlier. An elegant brunch is a great way to treatyour mother to a bit of well-deserved indulgence, but crowdedrestaurants and long waits dull the appeal. Instead, opt to createa beautiful brunch at home to celebrate Mom.

Making the effort to create a beautiful brunch event at home isa great way to show your mother just how much she means to you. Itdefinitely takes more coordination than showing up at a restaurant,but after all the effort she put into raising you it’s a nice wayto show your appreciation.

It’s a special day, so taking it beyond the average casualgathering is definitely in order. Use these tips to plan amemorable Mother’s Day event.

* Setting the scene: Don’t let yourself be outdone by restaurantdecor – pay attention to every detail. Bring out table linens andgive them a good airing and ironing before placing them on thetable. Add some extra color and appeal to the tablescape with freshMother’s Day flowers.Using a service like can help tosave time – simply order an arrangement featuring your mother’sfavorite blooms and it will arrive healthy and ready to set out onthe table. To finish off an elegant table, bring out your goodchina and silverware and arrange them in classic table settings.Check an etiquette book for tips if you’re unsure of where eachitem goes.

* Menu planning: Don’t leave this all-important element to thelast minute. Start by drawing up a list of your mother’s favoriteflavors and food items. That will act as your menu-planning guideand you can search cookbooks and recipe sites on the Web tofinalize your menu. However, keeping the menu manageable isimportant – select some dishes that can be partially prepared inadvance to give yourself some breathing room. And keep flavorbalance in mind, both across dishes and the drinks you’ll servewith them.

* Dress code: Jeans and T-shirts might work at a backyardbarbecue, but a little more dignified dress is in order forMother’s Day. You’ll likely be doing some work on the morning ofthe brunch, so dress accordingly – but have a pre-arranged outfitset out so that you can change quickly. Since the day iscelebratory and falls in the heart of spring, wearing light tonesor even bright colors is a better option than black. If possible,incorporate something your mother has given you as a gift in thepast.

* Gift giving: For all the work she’s done, Mom deserves alittle token of your appreciation. If she is the woman who haseverything, consider giving her something that will bring a smileto a face without cluttering up her house. A bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers which she can take home with her is alwaysa good idea. Consider adding to it with a small box of gourmetcandies, a gift membership to a local museum or certificate goodfor a spa visit – depending on her tastes.