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2016-2017 Staff

Brandi Doyal


Brandi Doyal is the Editor-in-Chief of The Hullabaloo, majoring in the 4+1 accounting program seeking her masters and art history. Inspired by Rory Gilmore, she joined The Hullabaloo her first week of school and found everything she imagined and more. She served previously as Views Editor, News Editor and Marketing Manager. Brandi, when she's not at The Hullabaloo's office, loves going to the theater,...

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Jordan Figueredo

Managing Editor

Jordan Figueredo is the current Managing Editor for The Hullabaloo and is majoring in English and communications. She is also in the 4+1 program, seeking her master's in English literature. She joined The Hullabaloo her sophomore year and has previously served as both an Associate Sports Editor and Print Sports Editor. An avid sports fan and classic literature enthusiast, her interests vary, but a passi...

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Armando Marin

Chief Copy Editor

Armando Marin, Chief Copy Editor at The Hullabaloo, is a senior from Leesville, Louisiana, studying accounting and finance with minors in art history and public health. This is his fourth year at the newspaper, having previously served as News Editor, Advertising Manager and a Board Copy Editor. When not correcting other people's grammar and AP style mistakes, he enjoys going to the movies and predict...

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Samantha Sitt

Production Manager

Samantha Sitt, Production Manager, is a senior from New York majoring in marketing and communications with a minor in art. She has previously worked for The Hullabaloo as Arcade Layout Editor. Sam is an advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion, sharing her personal style on her blog. She is interested in photography and may be spotted thrifting, eating ice cream or going to the occasional yoga cl...

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Tyler Mead

Digital Director

Tyler Mead, class of 2017, is the current Digital Director for The Hullabaloo, majoring in philosophy and digital media production. He joined The Hullabaloo as a freshman and became the Arcade Editor his junior year. A pop culture fanatic and walking catalog of TV quotes, his passion for writing is fueled by a need to discuss and legitimize art in all forms. He prides himself on his ability to inser...

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Liam Hash

Senior Business Manager

Liam Hash is the current Senior Business Manager for The Hullabaloo. He is a junior in the dual-degree program, studying mathematics and finance with a marketing minor. A new addition to the Hullabaloo family, he became a staff member this school year and already loves the close-knit community. His desire to increase the paper's revenue only compares to his endless passion for Microsoft Excel, dogs and s...

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Kate Jamison

Personnel Director

Kate Jamison serves as the Personnel Director for The Tulane Hullabaloo. She is proud to be on The Hullabaloo managing board this year after having worked as a Layout Editor and News Editor for the past three years. A senior studying political science, Kate is passionate about environmental conservation, human rights and women's health. She loves to get outside to go whitewater kayaking, hiking or trai...

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Tess Riley

News Editor

Tess Riley, one of the current News Editors, is a sophomore at Tulane studying English, communications and political science. Tess has formerly served as a Sports Editor and began her Hullabaloo career through the Summer Journalism Experience program. A Hamden, Connecticut, native, Tess hopes one day to work for a magazine like Vogue where she can combine her affinity for fashion with her passion fo...

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Lily Milwit

News Editor

Lily Milwit is one of the current News Editors for The Hullabaloo, majoring in political science, communication and English. She joined The Hullabaloo in the first week of freshman year and has previously served as Sports Layout Editor, Arcade Layout Editor and Production Manager. She has the work ethic of Dwight Schrute and the candor of Michael Scott. Lily enjoys witty banter and does not enjoy free ...

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Sam Ergina

Arcade Editor

Sam Ergina is a Canadian from Montreal and one of two Arcade Editors. For those who don't know what Arcade is (most don't), it is The Hullabaloo's arts and entertainment section. Sam is a senior majoring in linguistics and economics. He first joined the newspaper as an incoming freshman with the Summer Journalism Experience and has been writing since. He is currently in his second year as an editor ...

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Taylor DeMulling

Arcade Editor

Sophomore Taylor DeMulling is The Hullabaloo's very own modern-day Carrie Bradshaw, echoing all of the "Sex and the City" star's best qualities: a passion for writing, a creative take on the world and, of course, the hair. Yet, what Carrie may lack in work ethic, Taylor fulfills in double, having risen from staff reporter to Arcade Associate Editor to Arcade Editor in just a year on The Hullabaloo. A ...

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Canela Lopez

Intersections Editor

Canela Lopez, the current Intersections Editor for The Hullabaloo, is a sophomore studying political science and Africana studies. After participating in The Hullabaloo's Summer Journalism Experience, Lopez joined The Hullabaloo their freshman year and became Associate News Editor and, later, News Editor. Lopez seeks to combine their passion for journalism and social justice by leading Intersection...

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Kathryne LeBell

Views Editor

A Virgo sun and Aquarius moon, Kathryne LeBell is a senior from New Orleans and Jefferson, Texas. They are currently studying economics and international development and are serving as one of the Views Editors for the second year in a row. Some of their casual interests include alternatives to capitalism, food security and internet culture. Kathryne plans to use their degrees to save the world and, ...

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Sarah Simon

Views Editor

Sarah Simon is a sophomore and one of the current Views Editors of The Hullabaloo. She studies political science and psychology. She joined The Hullabaloo during Summer Journalism Experience her freshman year and became the Associate Views Editor soon after. Sarah particularly enjoys writing about politics, LGBTQ+ issues and race. In her free time, Sarah enjoys napping, perusing New Orleans bookstores...

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Susan Fanelli

Sports Editor

Susan Fanelli, Sagittarius, is a sophomore and one of the current sports editors of The Hullabaloo. She is a communications major and a School of Liberal Arts management minor and is currently in her second year of working on the newspaper. Born and raised in New Jersey, she can usually be found looking up "interesting" sports facts to bore her co-workers with and lamenting the struggles of her ...

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Jake Brennan

Sports Editor

Jake Brennan, one of the current Sports Editors, is a junior from the Boston area, studying political economy and international relations. He joined The Hullabaloo as a sophomore and was previously a sports reporter. While he aspires to be like Jim Halpert, he'll probably end up more similar to Creed. When he isn't working, he can be found contemplating the immortality of both Tom Brady and Bill Beli...

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Bess Turner

Copy Editor

Bess Turner is a Copy Editor from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She's a junior majoring in English, anthropology and environmental studies. She dreams of one day traveling the world working for National Geographic, especially since she's never been out of the country (besides that time she accidentally went to Canada). This is Bess's third year with The Hullabaloo, after going through the Summer Journalism...

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Adrienne Underwood

Copy Editor

Adrienne Underwood serves as a Copy Editor for The Tulane Hullabaloo. A sophomore currently studying political science and English, she is enthusiastic about all aspects of the English language, especially Oxford commas. She has enjoyed her past year-and-a-half working as a copy editor and hopes to move her relationship with the AP Stylebook to a more serious level. In her free time, she enjoys co...

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Colin Threlkeld

Copy Editor

Colin Threlkeld is a freshman Copy Editor from Memphis, Tennessee, majoring in political economy and philosophy. He plans on going to law school eventually, mostly to justify his philosophy major to his parents. At The Hullabaloo, he serves as the resident sports guru for the copy editing team, explaining jargon to less sports-inclined fact-checkers. Voted "Most Likely to Become President" by his sen...

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Rebecca Neuman-Hammond

Copy Editor

Rebecca Neuman-Hammond, Gryffindor, is a freshman originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts. They became a Copy Editor for The Hullabaloo at the end of their first semester, after spending their first four months as an associate at the copy table. They are driven to copy editing by their deep and overwhelming love of words. When not copy editing, they like to copy edit, read and contemplate the exact ...

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Cadence Neenan

Arcade/Intersections Layout Editor

Cadence Neenan, from Westport, Connecticut, is one of the great blondes of her generation, among the likes of Draco Malfoy, Daenerys Targaryen and pre-meltdown Britney Spears. Since joining The Hullabaloo her first semester of freshman year, Cadence has been involved in both writing and layout design. She started her career as a Layout Editor freshman year, working with the views section, and has sinc...

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Emily Meyer

Sports Layout Editor

Emily Meyer, the Sports Layout Editor, is a sophomore from Dayton, Ohio. She is majoring in mathematics and neuroscience with a minor in public health and has been a part of The Hullabaloo's layout staff since freshman year. You can normally find her studying with an iced coffee in PJ’s, playing lacrosse with her teammates or making an infographic for The Hull. A penguin enthusiast and ice crea...

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Avery Fiftal

Views Layout Editor

Avery Fiftal, a junior hailing from Mystic, Connecticut has two main passions: talking about her time abroad and quesadillas. Since freshman year, Avery has spent time as an Associate Photo Editor, Photo Editor and now holds the position of Views Layout Editor. She is majoring in international relations and international development with a minor in French and hopes to one day either save the world o...

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Josh Christian

Photo Editor

Josh Christian is a Photography Editor for The Tulane Hullabaloo and has a personal interest in sports and event photography. A sophomore from Springfield, Oregon studying finance with a biomedical engineering minor, he came to Tulane two years ago and quickly fell in love with all that the school and New Orleans have to offer. Josh loves to photograph music festivals, try out new restaurants and get...

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Colin Yaccarino

Photo Editor

Colin Yaccarino is the one of the current Photography Editors of The Tulane Hullabaloo. Originally from Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Colin is a sophomore studying psychology and photography. Taking semi-decent pictures only recently became a part of his life, but his uncle has been quoted saying “He has an eye for it!” He spends most of his time slowly becoming the stereotype he hates, reread...

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Adelaide Basco

Art Director

Adelaide Basco, desperately tired Capricorn and Art Director, is a sophomore studying cell biology (with an art minor!!). Adelaide has been with The Hullabaloo since only three weeks into her freshman year, when her floormates dragged her into the office and told her to draw. She has not left the office since, and when seen on campus, is found to only be a projection of her body that is lying dorma...

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Nicholas Dorsey

Video Producer

Nicholas Dorsey, the current Video Producer for The Tulane Hullabaloo, is a freshman studying political science and business. After writing a few articles, Nicholas decided to fuel his passion for filmmaking and apply for the role of Video Producer.  When he is not working on a new project, he can be found surfing, hiking, playing lacrosse or exploring New Orleans' abandoned buildings on his neig...

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Brooke Rhea

Business Manager

Brooke Rhea, class of 2019, is one of the current Business Managers for The Tulane Hullabaloo, majoring in economics and math. She joined The Hullabaloo as a freshman and became a Business Associate. Her entire life in high school consisted of yearbook—she was the editor for three years—and joining the newspaper seemed like the closest replacement. Brooke works to increase sales and community outreach, a...

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Elissa Todd

Business Manager

Elissa Todd, one of the Business Managers for The Tulane Hullabaloo, is a sophomore in the Altman Program studying political economy and finance. This is her second year with The Hullabaloo after writing for the views section during her freshman year. In Elissa's free time, she loves spending time outside, either being active or reading anything she can get her hands on. As a self-proclaimed food c...

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Emily Carmichael

Training and Recruitment Coordinator

Emily Carmichael is the current Recruitment and Training Coordinator for The Hullabaloo. Since joining her freshman year, she has also served as Associate Views Editor and News Editor. A junior majoring in psychology and English, minoring in social innovation/social entrepreneurship, she loves talking about her home state of Texas almost as much as she loves eating at Shaya. When she’s not geeking...

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Seth Armentrout

Distribution Manager

Seth Armentrout, a sophomore majoring in political economy and environmental studies, takes the role of classic Paper Boy (also known as Distribution Manager). Every Thursday, students may encounter a tidbit of the mystical bucket-hatted man gently guiding a cart of thousands of newspapers around campus. Editor-in-Chief of his primary high school publication, Seth adamantly advocates for the importance of...

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