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Cadence Neenan
Cadence Neenan, from Westport, Connecticut, is one of the great blondes of her generation, among the likes of Draco Malfoy, Daenerys Targaryen and pre-meltdown Britney Spears. Since joining The Hullabaloo her first semester of freshman year, Cadence has been involved in both writing and layout design. She started her career as a Layout Editor freshman year, working with the views section, and has since gone on to work with sports and, most recently, arcade. A sophomore studying political science, Cadence's passions include Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton's pantsuits and fonts that aren't Comic Sans. Cadence solidified herself as an icon when she made it her life's mission to get "Mr. Brightside" played at every event she attends.

Cadence Neenan, Arcade/Intersections Layout Editor

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