Intersectional Confessional: Marginalized students reflect on Tulane party culture

September 28, 2017

With a recent No. 1 Party School ranking, it cannot be denied that going out at Tulane is a unique experience. For those with identities outside the white straight cis majority, party culture is a different situation entirely.

Tales of a homophobic bartender

When I decided to rush a fraternity, I was worried about coming out. I was worried about the people I now call brothers rejecting me or looking at me differently. Oddly enough, my brothers were not the ones I had to worry about.

They couldn’t care less about whom I bring to date parties. I have not, however, gone without controversial interactions at date parties with my boyfriend.

Depending on where you go, date party venues can be fun and welcoming. Choose carefully, though, or you might find a red flag. Once upon a time, while drunk straight couples were sloppily making out all over the dance floor at a popular bar during a date party, I decided to show some affection to my boyfriend in a booth off to the side.

Shortly after, we were singled out by a bartender over the loudspeaker and told, “This is not a gay bar.” When we approached him later he tried justifying it by saying he thought we were inappropriately joking around. Despite the dozens of straight couples displaying affection around us, somehow we were the joke.

Being queer in Greek life is possible. Because of the inherently homophobic climate of typical night life, however, tolerance and understanding is not always guaranteed.

Margaux Armfield | Art Director

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Comments (1)

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  • Recent Tulane AlumSep 29, 2017 at 10:47 am

    “As a femme hoop-wearing, Spanish-speaking, unapologetically Latinx person from Los Angeles, I am no stranger to white people drawing conclusions about me.” – Blatantly racist in the guise of identity politics. This and the other stories presented in this article are disgraceful and highly discriminative towards most Tulanians.