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The Dean’s List is an ineffective measure of student achievement.

OPINION | Dean’s List falls short of academic excellence

Abe Messing, Contributing Columnist 1 day ago

Tulane University, like most colleges concerned with their rankings in the world of higher education, is keen on making its students feel intellectually superior. Convincing the student body that the...

OPINION | Sexual health is not shameful

OPINION | Sexual health is not shameful

Phoebe Hurwitz, Views Editor 1 day ago

It should come as no surprise that college students are sexually active. Tulane University students, like their college-age peers, are familiar with campus sex culture. Sex is not a taboo subject at...

Limited dining hours create a culture of meal skipping at Tulane.

OPINION | Tulane’s limited dining hours promote dangerous eating habits

Hannah Levitan, Contributing Columnist 1 day ago

COVID-19 is not the only epidemic on campus. When combining uncertainty with a new sense of freedom and the opportunity to go out almost every night, the independence that teens look forward to in...

Letter from the Board: Honoring the New Orleans LGBTQ+ community

Letter from the Board: Honoring the New Orleans LGBTQ+ community

The Tulane Hullabaloo Board October 13, 2021

In 1994, a Missouri high school teacher named Rodney Wilson advocated for the creation of a month dedicated to teaching and celebrating gay and lesbian history. Nearly 30 years later, LGBT History Month...

Weed culture at Tulane differs from the New Orleans community due to racial disparities.

OPINION | Weed disparity between Tulane, New Orleans communities

Olivia Barnes, Contributing Columnist October 13, 2021

In July 2021, Louisiana updated their cannabis possession laws to reflect a more progressive attitude towards marijuana. Rather than a $300 fine and 15 days of imprisonment, a person with 14 grams...

yik yak

OPINION | Yik Yak revitalizes cyberbullying at Tulane

Carly Barovick, Contributing Columnist October 13, 2021

  “The Yak is Back'' says the anonymous messaging board’s website in bright colors alongside a bouncing animal cartoon, right under links to “Mental Health Resources,” “Stay Safe...

sorority merch

OPINION | Greek life consumerism represents elitism at Tulane

Setah Alavi, Contributing Columnist October 13, 2021

Greek life offers a multitude of benefits for its participants. Members of these exclusive social groups expect benefits ranging from networking opportunities, increased social circles and communities...

fitness 1

OPINION | Divide in Reily weight room reinforces gendered body image ideals

Phoebe Hurwitz, Views Editor October 6, 2021

The stairs outside of Tulane University’s Reily Student Recreation Center suggest a shared experience inside the gym. The Reily stairs, spanning a large portion of the front of the building, symbolize...

hurricane 1

OPINION | Tulane undersold Hurricane Ida’s potential

Bobby Becker, Contributing Columnist October 6, 2021

The Tulane University administration and faculty worked long hours to successfully keep students safe from Hurricane Ida, and they deserve much praise for doing so. In hindsight, it is clear that they...

participation 1

OPINION | Participation grading biases students of color

Grace Chiong, Contributing Columnist October 6, 2021

Given that “in-class participation” may often amount to a hefty 10-30% of overall class grades, it is critical to address the reality that students of color may not feel comfortable speaking up...

Students exercise the freedom to gather for important issues.

OPINION | Students must pay attention to Southern anti-abortion laws

Mary Grace Granito, Contributing Columnist October 6, 2021

As a Louisiana native, I am not surprised by the recent Texas law which prohibits abortion access after six weeks. Abortion access has been under fire here for as long as I can remember.  But for...

evacuation 1

OPINION | Tulane student evacuation during Hurricane Ida shows privilege, ignorance

Anna Dixon, Senior Staff Columnist September 29, 2021

Tulane University students’ social media posts of themselves partying in other cities juxtaposed with news footage showing Hurricane Ida’s destruction of New Orleans exemplifies the student body’s...

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