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We are The Tulane Hullabaloo, a self-funded student newspaper established in 1905 as the eyes and ears of the Tulane community. With 4,000 weekly print issues, 70,000+ monthly website views, and 6,000+ social media followers, The Hullabaloo has a lot of people counting on us for accurate and engaging coverage. We aim not only to publish content that impacts our readers but to provide our writers with first-hand journalism experience. The Hullabaloo holds frequent training sessions, meets with journalism professionals and attends an annual journalism conference. Students develop skills in writing, editing, photography, social media, advertising, leadership and more. This training and effort results in an award-winning paper — The Hullabaloo has won nine Pacemakers (the Pulitzer of college journalism) since 1980.

​Maintaining a newspaper and educating our staff comes at a steep price. Although Tulane provides The Hullabaloo with office space and other support, is it up to our student business managers to sell advertisements each week to cover the costs of printing, training, our website and more. With print media revenues falling, it has become harder for the paper to keep our doors open.

​With the exception of a few members, The Hullabaloo is made up of volunteer staff. Journalists aren’t paid for the countless hours they devote to the newspaper each week. Although some of our students intend to pursue careers in journalism, most participate simply because they love it. Please help The Hullabaloo continue printing by donating to our WaveStarter campaign. Every donation makes a difference to our dedicated staff and loyal readers.

For information on how to donate contact our advisor Tel Bailliet at [email protected]

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