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Letter to the Editor: Is Tulane truly committed to public service?

April 22, 2018

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To the Editor of The Tulane Hullabaloo:"Most Engaged in Community Service: Tulane University" reads the 2017 Princeton Review college rankings. Yet, next year's student organization budget, proposed this past week by the Undergraduate...

Letter to the Editor: Students must embrace progressive organizing, hold administration accountable

Students for Justice in Palestine

April 15, 2018

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On Jan. 25, the New Orleans City Council rescinded resolution R-18-5, which encouraged divestment from corporations benefiting from human rights violations. Since then, members of Students for Justice in Palestine have returned...

Letter to the Editor: Remember our real motto

Collin McCadden

April 11, 2018

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In my four years at Tulane, I have witnessed the school grow and change tremendously. I came here knowing the university and New Orleans itself were undergoing a renaissance of sorts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The school...

Letter to the Editor: Tulane must not adopt pro-BDS policies

Alan Smason

April 7, 2018

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Dear Editor:As a Tulane alumnus and the former Features Editor and Executive Editor of The Hullabaloo during the early 1970s, I was appalled that the newspaper chose to run a pro-BDS (boycott, divestment and sanction), anti-Israel...

Letter to the Editor: Write-in candidate for Vice President of Student Organizations

March 8, 2018

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Dear Editor,I am running as in a write in candidate and thus I am not allowed to be endorsed by the Progressive Voter Coalition. I do have permission to use the questions they compiled.Do you support gi...

Letter to the Editor: By not banning the box, Tulane perpetuates inequality

November 18, 2017

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This week, Tulane's student government heard a proposal to "Ban the Box" on undergraduate admission applications, a move that would follow Louisiana's new law not to ask applicants if they have been convicted of a crime until...

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