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“Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia”: A deep dive into psychedelia

“Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia”: A deep dive into psychedelia

Holly Fortner, Contributing Writer September 21, 2022

Picture your daily struggles. Perhaps you’re feeling lower than usual for longer periods or can’t seem to talk about your problems naturally. You go to a doctor, get referred to a clinic and suddenly...

“Nope”: The Horrors of Spectacle

“Nope”: The Horrors of Spectacle

Holly Fortner, Contributing Columnist September 14, 2022

“I will cast abominable filth upon you, make you vile, and make you a spectacle,” reads the opening text of “Nope,” quoted from scripture, Nahum 3:6. It processes in my brain about a few seconds...

ARCADE | Iron Throne returns

ARCADE | Iron Throne returns

Jake Mclaughlin, Contributing Columnist September 7, 2022

Get your popcorn. Put away your morals. Dragons, brutality and bloodthirst for the Iron Throne are back on the television screen. “House of the Dragon,” the prequel to the most watched show in television...

“The Rehearsal”: Blurring the lines between reality and tv

“The Rehearsal”: Blurring the lines between reality and tv

Laura Malagrino, Arcade Editor August 24, 2022

Sweaty palms, a thumping heartbeat and a racing mind: the anxiousness before any gut wrenching event is by no means a desirable emotion. But what if I told you there was a way to overcome that feeling?...

Tulane welcomes first ever Tulane Student Film Festival

Tulane welcomes first ever Tulane Student Film Festival

Hannah Levitan, Associate News Editor April 27, 2022

Embellished with red carpets, photo backdrops and balloons, members of the Strategy, Leadership and Analytics Minor Special Topics: Film Festival course greeted attendees at the Woldenberg Art Center...

Our Life: Lexi’s quest for vengeance

‘Our Life’: Lexi’s quest for vengeance

Sophie Borislow, Contributing Reporter March 23, 2022

The most important unspoken sibling rule — “no one can make fun of my sibling, besides me” — is put to the test in the penultimate episode of “Euphoria” season two, "The Theater and Its Double."    As...

‘Euphoria’: Where relationships crumble

‘Euphoria’: Where relationships crumble

Sophie Borislow, Contributing Writer March 10, 2022

The second season of “Euphoria” was a rollercoaster. This season explores relationships and addiction on a different level than the first season. “Euphoria” follows a group of high schoolers...

Euphorias Nate Jacob epitomizes impunity for domestic abusers.

Stop fetishizing Nate Jacobs

Lily Mae Lazarus, Managing Editor March 10, 2022

Content Warning: The following article contains subject matter pertaining to domestic abuse and dating violence.   I am the type of victim who tends to ignore trigger warnings. Having been...

Kendall Roy holds a mirror for the American elite

Kendall Roy holds a mirror for the American elite

Rohan Goswami, News Editor February 21, 2022

The third series of “Succession” picked up right where it left off — the aftermath of Kendall Roy’s Judas-esque patricide attempt and the birth of Kendall’s new identity as a Piana-clad, Balmain...

Graphic of top 5 movies with worst Southern and Louisianan accents

OPINION | Hey Hollywood, Southern Accent depends on ‘where y’at’

Faith McLean, Associate Arcade Editor December 15, 2021

What does the South sound like to you? Does it sound like Tom Hank’s character Forrest Gump or Adam Sandler’s character Bobby Boucher Jr.? Well, that is what Hollywood wants you to believe Southern...

Mash-Up of Musical Adaptation Logos

OPINION: Musical theatre needs to remember its community as it takes Hollywood

Asia Thomas, Contributing Reporter December 1, 2021

“Hamilton,” “In the Heights,” “West Side Story,” “Wicked” and “Tick Tick... Boom!” The common ground between these phrases: they are only a few of the musical productions shining...

New Orleans Film Society Logo, courtesy of New Orleans Film Society

New Orleans Film Festival premieres Nov. 5, offers hybrid format

Michal Rahabi, Contributing Reporter November 3, 2021

As November rolls in, New Orleans plans for its highly anticipated 32nd film festival, premiering Nov. 5. For those who are unfamiliar with this event, the New Orleans Film Society produces an annual...

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