PeachWave helps host Electroflux, expands influence off campus


Electroflux, an art, music and fashion expo put on by PeachWave and Nuddie Piper will take place at 10 p.m. Jan. 28 at The Howlin Wolf.

Part art exhibition, part dance-punk dance party and part fundraiser, Electroflux will combine different forms of local talent into one unconventional event.The self-proclaimed dance party takes place at 10 p.m. on Jan. 28 at The Howlin’ Wolf. The expo is a collaboration between PeachWave, an online publication covering sexual health, art, music and more, and Nuddie Piper, a local musician and promoter.

Electroflux is the second event by PeachWave, the first being its launch party last fall. The launch party is where the founder of PeachWave, Harleigh Shaw, and Nuddie Piper first crossed paths, and a shared passion for helping underground artists gain exposure inspired the collaboration. Shaw, a Tulane sophomore, started PeachWave as a platform to change the way students look at sex. Through art, music and more, Peachwave strives to normalize sex in the media, and Electroflux will display the work of many of its contributors to further the cause.

The event aims to showcase undiscovered local artists of all different mediums, offering a host of different musicians and art exhibits. DJ Hyena, DJ Jems, DJ Bad and DJ Names will provide the music, and being down to dance is not just encouraged but expected. In addition to music ranging from post-punk to disco-funk, there will be light shows and projected visuals for attendees to enjoy. The majority of the art on display will be by Tulane students, though PeachWave is hoping to attract more artists, as well as a broader audience, from the New Orleans community.

“It’s an amazing thing how much it’s grown within the Tulane community, but I’d really like to see it grow in the New Orleans art scene as a whole, so I’m really excited because I feel like [Electroflux is] a good opportunity for that sort of exposure,” Shaw said.

Though showcasing talent is the main goal of the night, Electroflux also serves as a fundraiser of sorts for PeachWave. Though there is no fee for admittance, donations of a dollar or more are suggested to show support for the student-run publication. PeachWave has garnered a good deal of student involvement in only a few short months, having its inaugural issue last November. Still, the donations contribute to helping the publication in its formative stages, and hopefully to publishing physical issues in the future, as well as to producing PeachWave merchandise. This apparel will be available for sale at the event.

When venturing off campus, most students opt for a concert or an art show, the club scene or an activist activity, but Electroflux seamlessly combines them all as a way to escape campus without leaving Tulane too far behind.

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