Fundraising competition gives students chance to meet Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen speaks to HFC U winners and other guests at the University of Vermont last year.

Courtesy of HCF U

Seth Rogen speaks to HFC U winners and other guests at the University of Vermont last year.

The fourth annual Hilarity for Charity University competition kicked off on Wednesday. The contest offers a chance for students to raise funds for Alzheimer’s research and care and to potentially win a campus visit from actor Seth Rogen.

Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, founded the charity in 2012 to raise money for Alzheimer’s research and improved care. HFC U was launched in 2014.

HFC concentrates its fundraising efforts on helping families struggling with Alzheimer’s care, increasing support groups nationwide and funding cutting edge research. One of the organization’s most successful fundraisers is its Los Angeles Variety Show, which features musical performers and comedians and has raised $6 million so far. HFC U is a new tool that extends the charity to more than 230 involved universities.

Students participating in the HFC U competition receive a toolkit to begin their fundraising efforts, and the rest is up to them. HCF U encourages all types of fundraising, but suggestions include a “Kick Alz in the Ballz” kickball tournament, an Instagram scavenger hunt and a variety show.

The organization encourages independent individuals and campus associations to take part, and past competitors have often organized through campus groups such as clubs or Greek life.

So far, no Tulane team has ever entered.

The 2017 competition is an opportunity for students to begin contributing to the $250,000 already raised by HFC U. Possible prizes for the winning team this year include subscriptions to Edoughble, an edible cookie dough service; a pair of HFC U SKICKS from a personalized sneaker company and a Kawasaki motorcycle. The most sought after prize is a campus visit and private screening with Seth Rogen.

Sarah Schacht | Staff Artist

Since the inception of the contest, three brothers at the University of Vermont have won all three years. They have raised around $80,000. The trio graduated in 2016, creating an opportunity for a Tulane team to take the grand prize.

Lauren Miller Rogen’s mother, who was diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer’s at age 55, inspired the Rogens to found HFC. The money raised by the organization and its affiliates has been directed to this particular cause, and it is used to fund a variety of programs that center around research, care and awareness.

Seth Rogen testified before Congress to request additional federal funding for Alzheimer’s research. He and his wife have been vocal about their personal struggle with Alzheimer’s, sharing their story and supporting the programs that address the disease.

Tulane students can become a part of their mission through April 9 by visiting

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