Q&A: USG President Autumn Gibbons discusses upcoming election season

The Undergraduate Student Government executive board elections will take place from March 16-17 and senate elections will occur shortly after. The Hullabaloo spoke with USG President Autumn Gibbons, former assistant news editor for The Hullabaloo, about how students can get involved.

What steps should students who want to be involved with USG take?

First, they should visit our website and familiarize themselves with the different roles. We have many! Once they spot a position that interests them, they can either email me directly or email the person who holds the position to grab coffee or just chat about the role. It’s always good to be able to ask questions so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you run for a role on the USG.

What kinds of students should look to get involved with USG?

Any and all! There is absolutely no need for prior USG experience to run for a role. We encourage any eager and ambitious students who care about making Tulane a better place to consider themselves eligible for a spot. New faces mean new perspectives, and that’s always a good thing because it pushes us to grow and to constantly be thinking outside of the box.

How will elections work this year?

We will run elections through OrgSync so it will function virtually the same to students. They will receive an email with the link to vote but instead of linking to Qualtrics, it will lead them to Orgsync. We hope [this change] will allow for easier voting for students since most are already familiar with the OrgSync site. We also will be able to monitor the process at a better rate since [the Divison of] Student Affairs is very familiar with how OrgSync works.

Why should students consider getting involved with USG?

Being on a collegiate-level student government offers students the chance to build their communication skills, enhance problem skills and strengthen their ability to serve a community. It’s a great way for students, whether interested in politics or not, to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes here at Tulane to make it all that it is.

What sorts of contributions can USG members make to the Tulane community?

There are many ways students can make positive change in the community, and it all depends on how that member of USG decides to spend their time. We offer opportunities to get involved with sustainability, student safety, diversity, health and wellness and so much more. I think that USG members make their largest contribution by being faces that other students feel comfortable talking to about issues here on campus.

Campaigning for executive board positions can start at midnight on March 13.