#WaveCrushWednesday: Alex Keiser

#WaveCrushWednesday: Alex Keiser

This week’s #WaveCrushWednesday is Tulane student Alex Keiser. Alex is a freshman majoring in political science with a minor in French. In her spare time, Alex bakes desserts, breads and treats in one of the kitchens in Butler House and brings the goods to students throughout the building to brighten their days and lift spirits. Alex does this several times every week and always buys her ingredients out of pocket. She has been chosen as this week’s #WaveCrush for her positive attitude, selfless actions and incredible style.

What made you start baking?

Sometime in middle school, my grade did this group project as our thing for the school auction, and we made a cookbook. Everyone had to contribute two things, so that was when I actually started baking.

Who inspires your baking?

I’d probably say my grandmother because she always cooked these fantastic meals for holidays and birthdays.

Do you make your own recipes or do you have a place you like to get recipes from?

I usually go on Pinterest and I find the first thing that’s decent and not too hard. Pinterest is key! Pinterest is a life saver.

Do you think it’s harder to bake in college?

Definitely harder because you don’t have the materials that you need like baking pans and stuff like that, so there are many limiting factors to the amount of things I can actually make!

Your dorm, Butler, is in closer proximity to like McAlister Market and places like that right?

Yeah! I’ve gotten a few things at Mac Mart before, but if I can, I try to like go to Whole Foods or Winn Dixie and get ingredients there!

Do you have a community that supports your baking when you’re in Butler?

I do! That’s why I continue to bake here. I remember on the first day of school my roommate, Emma, texted in the Butler 7 GroupMe “If anyone wants to come hang out, I have a tea kettle and I can make tea.” I was like, Emma pulled the tea card, now I’m gonna have to come up with something better! So then, when I figured out there was a kitchen, that worked I was like “This is how I will make friends!”

You always share what you bake, and it is out of pocket! What made you decide to share, and who inspires you to give back?

I just feel like that’s a Southern thing! You cook, and you make people eat it! It’s rude for them not to! It’s just the Southern way of life you share your food. For giving back, I’d say there’s two people. One is my grandmother because she gave her heart and soul to her community and had no fear. The second would be Angela Davis who said the amazing quote “I am no longer going to accept the things I cannot change. I am going to change the things I cannot accept.” I just see that as a really clear and beautiful way to live life and combat the injustices we see, no matter their size.

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