LÉON enchants at Gasa Gasa

Courtesy of Winter Circle Productions

Courtesy of Winter Circle Productions

On Sunday, Feb. 26, Swedish singer and songwriter LÉON graced Gasa Gasa’s humble yet welcoming stage. Bringing an air of glamour and mystique as well as her trademark infectious enthusiasm, LÉON displayed to everyone exactly why she has rapidly become the international sensation she is.  LÉON, as well as her tragically obscure opener, British soul-singer Jacob Banks, certainly made this show one not to miss.

From the first chord until the last, LÉON’s performance was stellar. Utterly riveting from the start, her stage presence left little to be desired. LÉON captivated her impressive crossover appeal despite Gasa Gasa’s simplistic set up. LÉON’s performance had something for every variety of concertgoer, be it catchy pop tunes, sentimental ballads or retro, neo-soul throwbacks.

To say the audience was constantly on its toes during LÉON’s performance would be an understatement. LÉON elicited happiness, sadness and most things in between. The audience reveled every second of it, basking not simply in the catchiness of LÉON’s songs or their emotional accessibility but also her sheer vocal versatility and talent. She tastefully embellished each of her songs with unique live twists. Even the most devoted fan could find something new to enjoy. New listeners to her music, meanwhile, were left enraptured.

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