French Quarter Fest fuses best of city’s food, music

From April 6-9 the French Quarter was turned into a lively festival full of New Orleans music, art and, most importantly, food. Multiple stages and vendors were set up as part of the 34th annual French Quarter Festival, and the music could be heard all throughout the narrow streets.

Jackson Square and Woldenberg Riverpark Front hosted the main stages, where the biggest acts such as Aaron Neville, the Dixie Cups, “The Voice” contestant Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Raw Oyster Cult performed. Raw Oyster Cult, which features several members of classic band The Radiators, finished off the weekend on Sunday.

Several different, smaller stages popped up around other less-recognizable areas of the Quarter, contributing to the constant flow of music. The Schoolhouse Stage, Crimestoppers Stage and Rouses Stage were just a few of these. Some of the locally-known acts at these stages included The New Orleans Classic Jazz Orchestra, Kipp Central City Academy Band and Muzik Jazz Band.

Though the festival was free, it was easy to spend a substantial amount of money on food. Staple New Orleans restaurants like Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, Galatoire’s and Tujague’s were among the abundance of vendors. In true New Orleans style, alcoholic beverages were readily available as well from vendors like Pat O’Brien’s Bar, which has been part of the festival since the 1980s.

There was enough food to have lunch, dinner and dessert. The options ranged from alligator corndogs to crabmeat ravioli and pork chop lollipops. Snoballs, bread pudding and GW Fins’ Salty Malty Ice Cream Sundae were the perfect sweet follow-ups to a Creole meal.

“French Quarter Fest made me realize how special it is that we get to live in such a spectacular city,” sophomore Danielle Statman said. “The food, music and weather were perfect. The entire city was beaming with good vibes.”

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