Campus rooster adopted by facilities employee

Beginning in early March, Tulane students began to notice the sudden emergence of a new and unlikely addition to campus: a rooster.

Nicknamed “Riptide the Rooster” by The Hullabaloo staff, the rooster appeared on the Newcomb Quadrangle near Josephine-Louise House shortly after the end of the Mardi Gras holiday. For nearly a month, he patrolled the grounds near Newcomb Hall, becoming the subject of many videos and social media posts.

Two weeks ago, however, Riptide the Rooster departed the Uptown campus after being adopted by a Tulane Facilities Services employee.

The rooster received mixed responses from the student body. Some students, such as freshman Kate Moranski, said she loved the rooster.

“It was definitely weird to walk outside and hear a rooster crowing, but I thought it brought character to the JL/Newcomb Quad,” Moranski said.

Other students complained that the rooster disrupted everyday activities on campus, especially the sleeping habits of JL residents.

“I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to the sound of a rooster crowing at 6 a.m.,” freshman Emma Coffman said. “I have nothing against roosters, but it was so loud, and it woke me up every morning.”

After Riptide was adopted, students reflected upon his positive impact on campus. 

“I found out later that it had been captured and adopted,” Coffman said. “I’m glad the rooster has an appropriate home now, and I can sleep past 6 a.m.”

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