Q&A: Tyler Margaretten brings experience to USG executive board


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Vice President for Finance Tyler Margaretten will be the only USG executive board member returning to the same position.

Junior Tyler Margaretten will be the only Undergraduate Student Government executive board member returning to the same position when the 2017-18 senate begins its term next week. A finance and management double major, Margaretten plans to use his re-election to continue the work he has already done as vice president for finance and to promote student engagement and participation. The Hullabaloo spoke with Margaretten about his tenure and plans for the future as part of an ongoing USG Q&A series.

Why did you want to run for vice president for finance? 

I initially ran for VPF seeing as that was where I interact with students the most, in my opinion, on the USG. I believe the VPF has a very important job to ensure the goings-on within the university, and I was eager to jump right in and give it my all. I ran for re-election for this upcoming year because I noticed everywhere I went right, and everywhere I went wrong, and I want to do better for next year. I believe that without the learning curve, I can only be more successful as VPF for the upcoming year.

What experiences have you had on USG and at Tulane that will prepare you for this position?

So, I currently serve as your VPF, and I’ve done so for the entirety of my junior year. During my freshman year and sophomore year, I was a senator for the Freeman School of Business and I served on the Finance Committee. I additionally sit on the University Senate Budget Review Committee, which oversees the operating budget for the entire university.

What do you see as the most pressing issues Tulane’s campus will be faced with in the upcoming academic year?

This university will struggle to face a multitude of issues — all of which are multifaceted and intertwining. My work for this upcoming year will be to try and better be a force of good for all student organizations so that all organizations can operate to their full capacity. A well-running student organization creates an engaged student who is more apt to thrive and contribute to Tulane. We can grow as a university with powerful student leaders who can challenge us, entertain us and teach us.

What are the biggest changes students and community members can expect to see from USG in the upcoming academic year? 

[I am] super excited about our new cabinet position for the director of student engagement. This was an idea that I fleshed out with my good friend and our president, Sam [Levin], and it will be perfect for increasing transparency and engagement — hence the name. The director will be tabling, planning events and externally be bringing student input into USG and relaying our work outwards.

For students looking to get involved in the process of policymaking on campus, what are steps they can take? 

For starters: Come to senate. All meetings are open to everyone. There is a student forum at the beginning of each session specifically designed for students to voice their concerns/work/opinions/etc. When utilized, this forum is powerful. From there, join our standing committees! We have so many great and substantive committees that are eager for students to join.

Is there anything else you want to add? 

If you are a president or a treasurer of a student organization and have any questions or comments ever about your work, you need to send me an email at [email protected] or [email protected]. I will set up a time to meet, and I guarantee you will be more comfortable with the finances of your organization than when you come in. One thing I learned through being VPF was that it’s okay to ask for help. My committee taught me that. So, please, ask for help. It’s what I’m here for. Roll Wave.

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