Celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day with Arcade’s top pizza joints

Celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day with Arcades top pizza joints

Tiana Watts

For all those pepperoni pizza lovers out there, Sept. 20 is the best day of the year. It’s National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Here are Arcade’s favorite pizza places to celebrate the holiday.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

Just a short, 20-minute walk from Newcomb Hall, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen Uptown is the perfect Italian restaurant for a casual night. The cozy Italian vibe will remind you of your favorite pizza place back home and make you feel warm inside. The staff is extremely kind and welcoming, making you want to come back again and again. The restaurant’s pizza is on the traditional Italian side. The thin crust has a flawless crunchy consistency, and the pizza’s fresh ingredients are balanced perfectly with the other flavors. No flavor overpowers any other, creating a marvelous slice.

Gluten-free crust is available.

Domenica Restaurant

On the slightly fancier side, Domenica offers classy Italian-style pizzas and pastas downtown. Located about 40 minutes away from campus by streetcar, Domenica will satisfy any pizza needs — delicious and fresh with a cool, modern feel. While it is a bit more expensive, Domenica is completely worth it. The restaurant even offers happy hour from 3-5 p.m. Monday-Friday with half-off pizzas.

Magazine Pizza

About a 30-minute streetcar ride away, Magazine Pizza offers a fun, modern feel a little farther from campus. With standard pies, Magazine Pizza offers an option to create your own. The 10-inch style is perfect for a moderately-sized lunch, and the larger pizzas are great for sharing with friends. When creating the personal pizzas, customers first choose regular or thin crust and then choose from eight types of sauces before lastly choosing from more than 30 different toppings and extra cheeses. At Magazine Pizza, creating an original delicious pizza is almost as fun as eating it.

Gluten-free crust is available.

Broadway Pizza

Otherwise known as Boot Pizza among Tulane students, Broadway Pizza is located directly across from the Barbara Greenbaum House as part of The Boot Bar and Grill. This delicious pizza is a cross between a casual New York and classic Italian slice. The balance between cheese, sauce and crust is perfect. Broadway pizza is open until 3 a.m. all week, and it is served up fresh right from an outdoor window. It’s one of the best, and closest, options for students craving a late-night meal.

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