Krewe of BOO! provides spoopy thrills for parade enthusiasts

krewe of boo!

Tiana Watts | Staff Artist

When New Orleans does Halloween they go all out. Krewe of BOO! was held on October 21st in anticipation of tomorrow’s festivities.

For spook lovers both young and old, this year’s Krewe of BOO! left no attendee unshaken. Veteran and amateur horror aficionados alike were delighted in an evening that, in characteristic New Orleans parade fashion, delivered a winning combination of frights, loot and family-friendly fun.

For all involved, the 70th iteration of the event was an unforgettably spooky celebration.

A particularly enjoyable aspect of Krewe of BOO! is its universal appeal. Parade enthusiasts of various ages and demographics attend New Orleans’ Halloween parade each year, including locals and visitors.

Functioning practically as a microcosmic representation of both Mardi Gras and New Orleans cultures as a whole, Krewe of BOO! features all the cultural necessities. From the endless supply of prizes tossed from outrageously themed floats to the extensive variety of costumes – both Halloween and pop culture-themed this year – it’s no wonder Krewe of BOO! attracts tourists from all over the country.

Though Krewe of BOO! is an inherently family-oriented event, some participants choose to enjoy the festivities on their own terms. Whereas the younger celebrators drunkenly gallivanted around the crowds and floats high as kites on childish whimsy, a noticeable proportion of older attendees were drunk and high on other elements entirely.

This was particularly apparent whenever the floats flinging snacks would pass. The sight of fully grown men and women grappling ferociously in the streets for puny, shriveled, off-brand Cheetos with the consistency of hardtack and flavor of Keanu Reeves’ acting is a shock to which no god-fearing parent would ever hope to subject their child.

As emotionally scarring as these scenes may have proved, however, any inflicted trauma was quickly rectified by the plethora of flashy beads, glitzy hats and remedial head pats administered soon after. Krewe of BOO! certainly delivered on its promise of memorable fun and scares for the whole family: maybe just not quite in the fashion everyone had expected.

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