Edward Snowden to offer perspective on privacy, security at TUCP talk

Ron Suskind will be moderating a discussion with Edward Snowden via Google Hangouts Jan. 29 in McAllister Auditorium.

Anh Nguyen | Associate Artist

Ron Suskind will be moderating a discussion with Edward Snowden via Google Hangouts Jan. 29 in McAllister Auditorium.

Ron Suskind, political journalist and Pulitzer prize winner, will moderate a live discussion with Edward Snowden over Google Hangouts at 7 p.m on Monday, Jan. 29, in McAllister Auditorium.

Snowden, a former National Security Agency subcontractor, became a household name in 2013 after he revealed classified NSA documents to journalists as proof of the extent to which the NSA was surveilling internet users all over the world. According to Snowden, this infringement of internet users’ privacy far surpassed what was required and acceptable.

Snowden was subsequently charged by the United States government under the Espionage Act, among other charges. He is currently living in Russia under political asylum, and because of this, he will be conducting the discussion over video call.

Many have disagreed with Snowden’s opinions and actions, arguing that national security should be prioritized over privacy concerns. 

Suskind and Snowden will discuss a number of topics surrounding the controversy, including the analysis of security agencies in the country, mass surveillance, privacy versus security and more. Students and other audience members can learn about and discuss the circumstances surrounding Snowden’s decision in an effort to form their own opinions on the topic or at least incite curiosity regarding the ongoing conflict between personal privacy rights and national security. 

“I think his topics of … surveillance and national security and all those kinds of things are things that the students are really interested in hearing about,” Associate Director of Campus Programming Greg Feiling said. “And he brings a really unique, direct perspective to that conversation.”

The event was organized by Tulane University Campus Programming as part of its effort to bring speakers, comedians, bands and more to the Tulane student body. Feiling urges potential attendees to reserve tickets early in case the event sells out.

Tulane community members have the opportunity to have their questions answered by Suskind and Snowden during the event by submitting them on TUCP’s Orgsync page.

Students, faculty and staff can receive their free tickets by going to www.tulanetickets.com, and people not associated with Tulane can purchase tickets for $20. Valid identification is required to enter the auditorium.

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