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OPINION | Corporate activism is about appeasement, not change

OPINION | Corporate activism is about appeasement, not change

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor March 24, 2022

  Many corporations prefer to avoid taking hard stances on social and political topics, minimizing the controversy associated with their name. Sometimes, however, companies like The Walt Disney...

OPINION | Ukraine highlights hypocrisy in humanitarian efforts

OPINION | Ukraine highlights hypocrisy in humanitarian efforts

Thamidul Alam, Staff Columnist March 23, 2022

Right now in Europe, millions of Ukrainians seek safety as the largest refugee crisis since World War II takes place. Two and a half million people flee as a demoralized Russia escalates its aggressive...

OPINION | Current homeless relocation programs are not effective enough

OPINION | Current homeless relocation programs are not effective enough

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor March 21, 2022

Homelessness, a crisis that affects over half a million Americans, has been made even more difficult to survive in light of the ongoing pandemic. As COVID-19 may be even more dangerous to homeless...

To the patriarchy, there is nothing more offensive than a strong, independent and powerful woman.

OPINION | Sexist discourse antagonizes women for ‘crazy’ interests

Ritisha Sharma, Intersections Editor March 17, 2022

Envision two crowds of people decked out in merchandise, waving posters and screaming at the top of their lungs for a group of individuals that they admire. One crowd gets called “crazy,” “unhealthy”...

Some Women, is not All Women

Without intersectional feminism, advocacy does not represent all women

Ritisha Sharma, Intersections Editor March 16, 2022

The first result that pops up when someone googles the term feminism is that it is a noun meaning “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” This gives the impression...

Black Louisianans make up a disproportionately high amount of COVID-19 fatalities.

OPINION | Black New Orleanians are disproportionately affected by omicron

Carlin Stewart, Contributing Columnist February 22, 2022

On Sunday, Dec. 5, the Louisiana Department of Health confirmed the first official case of the omicron COVID-19 variant in Louisiana. By early January of 2022, Louisiana had surpassed the previous...

Black History education has been severely lacking and it is about time that its importance is realized.

OPINION | Why we all need to learn about Black history

Kirubele Adbebe, Contributing Columnist February 16, 2022

The education on Black History Month in this country is, to say it frankly, lacking. Teaching students about what Black History Month is and why we celebrate it is incredibly important. We must consider...

What separates performative diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives from ones that encourage real change?

OPINION | Performative DEI initiatives are far from productive

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor February 9, 2022

    Performative change is nothing new. Every March, storefronts take down their Black History Month decorations and put up another series of ads and products. Every July, when Pride...

California Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger (L) and U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (R), two frontrunners for Joe Bidens Supreme Court nominees.

OPINION | Who benefits from Biden’s Supreme Court nomination?

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor February 3, 2022

Among the promises President Biden has made to Americans, such as forgiving student loans and decriminalizing marijuana, he also pledged to nominate a Black woman to the United States Supreme Court....

Eastern Medicine

OPINION | Western world whitewashes, exploits Eastern medicine

Ritisha Sharma, Intersections Editor February 2, 2022

Eastern medicine has fought for its legitimacy since the rise of Western medicine.  Eastern or Traditional Chinese Medicine is the world’s oldest codified system of medicine, but since the ancient...

The holidays are a time for rest — but can one responsibly take a break from something as important as politics?

OPINION | Disengaging from politics this holiday season

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor December 16, 2021

Politics can be a hard thing to ignore. Particularly as social media usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic — exposing more people to political figures and viewpoints — it can feel like political...

Critical Race Theory is an increasingly hot topic; does it belong in our education system?

OPINION | Conservative groups, politicians threaten critical race education

Kaitlin Lowe, Contributing Columnist December 9, 2021

Segregation. Criminal Justice Policy. The legacies of enslavements on Black Americans. Prejudice in the U.S. The living racism in our U.S policies — when will it stop and when will it be heard? After...

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