Letter to the Editor: Support for disbanded Progressive Voter Coalition


Dear Editor,

We are writing to you as the previous co-chairs of the Progressive Voter Coalition that was disbanded last Thursday.

We believe that the Awards and Elections Committee acted unjustly against the PVC, and as a result, progressive voters and progressive students’ voices have been silenced.

The AEC claimed that the PVC was created with the sole purpose to endorse a specific candidate because one of the co-organizers was the head of that campaign. This is a false claim, and there was no proof given.

The PVC has existed for at least three years, uniting and uplifting progressive voices that are historically marginalized. We did not create the PVC, we simply took on the task of organizing the logistics for this election cycle. The PVC was not created to endorse a specific candidate, and regardless, the way that coalitions operate, organizers have no say in the selection of candidates for endorsements.

The AEC’s decision to disband the PVC has impacted the future outcome of these elections. We refuse to sit back and let their decision dictate our next executive board. We will not simply let their decision go unchallenged, and let marginalized voices go unheard in this election.

We have decided to challenge the Awards and Elections Committee’s decision for several reasons. We were given no due process in the dealings with this infraction. We were not informed that there had been an infraction submitted. We were not given information on the allegations made. We were not allowed to present our case before a decision was made. We were denied the chance to appear at the AEC meeting on Friday afternoon to appeal their decision. When an infraction is submitted, candidates have the right to appear in front of the AEC, the same should go for coalitions. We had to search through the bylaws and bring our case to the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Smita Ruzicka before the AEC set up a meeting with us. The refusal to let us appear on Friday has let elections proceeded without any consequence or care for the voices that were unjustly silenced.

The PVC team has arranged to appear in front of the AEC Tuesday morning. However, us three getting mad and fighting is not enough. We need the support of the student body behind us. As student leaders on the Undergraduate Student Government, you have been elected or appointed to represent the interests of your constituents. We are asking you to support us as we fight for the students who are not allowed to be heard.

We ask that you stand with us as we fight to ensure that proper justice is received, and as we fight to ensure that this does not happen again. Please add your name to this document, and if you would like, a brief message of support.

We hope that you choose to support our fight for transparency and accountability.

All of our best,

The previous co-chairs of the Progressive Voter Coalition

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