Breaking News: Judicial Council rules to uphold AEC decision on PVC

The Undergraduate Student Government Judicial Council reviewed an appeal from the Progressive Voter Coalition against the Awards & Elections Committee. In a unanimous 5-0 decision, the council upheld AEC’s decision to disband PVC.

The council will write a full recommendation, with their decision and suggestions for USG and present it at Senate next Tuesday.

The council’s purpose is to hear external complaints about USG without bias and recommend action. Its purpose is similar to the U.S. government’s judicial branch which provides checks and balances to other branches. This was their first case.

Last Wednesday night, the AEC voted to break up the PVC, under an hour before the coalition was scheduled to hold its forum. The controversial decision received backlash from the progressive students and others on campus.

The former co-heads of the PVC filed the appeal following the AEC ruling.

The Hullabaloo will provide updates after the Judicial Council recommendation is written.

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