You can have fun in NOLA without alcohol, we promise


Tiana Watts | Layout Editor

Tulane may be widely considered a “party school” and New Orleans is definitely an alcohol-friendly city, but there are so many ways to have a fun here without drinking. There are countless alternatives to the ever-present drinking culture that you will inevitably encounter in New Orleans.

One of the more unique sober-friendly scenes is the Sea Cave Arcade. Located in the bywater, this aquatic-themed hole in the wall has a multitude of vintage video games available per cabinet. More than just an arcade, however, Sea Cave represents a niche community of New Orleans gamers. In addition to video game cabinets, they sell snacks and refreshments and occasionally book small, local performers to play “counter sessions” in the space.

Keeping with the aquatic theme, there are only so many ways to cool down, but one of the most refreshing methods of beating the heat is a summer staple: the pool. Though summer is technically coming to an end, the heat and humidity are here to stay a little while longer. Luckily for New Orleans residents, our city isn’t short on swimming options! Several hotels, such as the Ace Hotel, The Drifter Hotel and the W Hotel, have bars accompanied not only by pools, but also food, themed events, deejays and/or musical guests. If a hotel pool isn’t so much your speed, there is also The Country Club pool and Tulane’s very own Reily Center social pool and natatorium (for the serious swimmers). Be warned: some of these pools have age restrictions and, depending on the location, there may be a membership fee associated with taking a dip.

On the drier side, a great introduction to New Orleans nightlife are open mics. Open mics are perfect for when you’re with a group of friends or totally alone, because no matter the performance, you will be entertained. Comedy and music-based performances are typically the most common open mics around New Orleans. Close to campus and near Freret Street is Neutral Ground Coffeehouse, a cafe that hosts an open mic every Sunday evening. If that isn’t enough music for you, they also book musicians to perform during the rest of the week. In the opposite direction of campus, Carrollton Station Bar hosts “Think You’re Funny?” stand up comedy open mics every Wednesday night. Whether you’re chuckling or cringing, you can also enjoy the various food specials they offer as well as their Thursday night trivia.

According to Britney Spears, there’s only two kinds of people in the world: the ones that entertain and the ones that observe. So if you’re less the latter and more of a put-on-a-show kind of person, The Hull highly recommends karaoke. In fact, we firmly believe in karaoke. Nothing is more cathartic than taking a break from your syllabus week workload, hitting the town with friends, and belting tunes at the top of your lungs. If you sing loudly, proudly, and preferably badly, karaoke is the activity for you. Closest to campus and formerly known as Little Tokyo, is Masterp1ece, a restaurant that serves traditional Japanese-inspired dishes at affordable prices with several reservable karaoke rooms. A bit farther away, in the heart of the French Quarter, located right on Bourbon Street is the Cat’s Meow. They claim the title of “The Best Karaoke Bar in the World” with celebrity performances from Miley Cyrus, James Marsden and more.

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