NOLA News in Brief

Between navigating syllabus week and preparing for a potential hurricane, there has been no shortage of activity at Tulane. Life outside of Tulane’s campus has been equally busy. The Hullabaloo has compiled a short list of current events occurring in and around New Orleans for students to keep track of as they begin to explore the city.

Commander’s Palace and Reginelli’s are opened a new restaurant near Tulane on Monday. Called Picnic Provisions and Whiskey, this new eating option on the corner of Magazine and State Street serves fried chicken with New Orleans flavors and seasonings. Other dishes include West Indies crab tacos, heirloom tomato soup and a a pork debris and egg biscuit. Anything made by the chefs at those restaurants must be fantastic, and the bonus – they deliver.

Donald Trump Jr. made a trip to Louisiana for a fundraising event for Jeff Landry, Louisiana’s current Attorney General. Landry, a decidedly conservative individual known for events like his challenge of an anti-LGBT discrimination law in court, held an alligator-hunting fundraiser this past week. Though most politicians hold fundraisers like this over the course of their terms, there are rumors that Landry might be fundraising for the 2019 governor’s race, running to challenge current governor John Bel Edwards for his position. Louisiana has complicated statewide political dynamics — Governor Edwards is a Democrat, despite the state voting by 20 points for President Trump is 2016 — but the governor’s race seems to have shaken out. If current Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, a Republican, decides to challenge Edwards, Jeff Landry will again run for Attorney General. If not, however, Jeff Landry will probably make a run for the governor’s mansion. This evident attempt by Landry to increase name recognition sets the stage for an interesting 2019 campaign cycle.

The New Orleans Baby Cakes, our Triple AAA baseball team, is moving to Wichita after the 2021 season. Though that’s a long time from now, the team’s new ownership saw fit to not extend the team’s lease on the stadium, and the transition of the team to Kansas will begin soon. Attendance was at a record low here in New Orleans, but the only semi-professional baseball team in Louisiana will be missed.

A neighboring parish to our Orleans parish stopped purchasing Nike gear for their recreational department because of the brand’s newfound partnership with Colin Kaepernick. Despite online Nike sales increasing by over 30 percent after airing various Kaepernick ads in its “Dream Crazy” campaign, the mayor of Kenner, an area just outside of New Orleans, decided to separate the city’s government from the brand. Nike’s controversial pick of sponsors has led to flak from various political groups and fans alike, but overall Americans seem to be responding positively to this new pairing and have demonstrated that with their pocketbooks. This choice by the Kenner mayor highlights the political leanings of Louisiana, deeply conservative in most of the state, and reveals how inherently politics and sports are related in today’s world.

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