Kavanaugh’s confirmation must be postponed to address accusations

Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee threatens to reverse incredible progress made regarding sexual violence and misconduct in the U.S. Judge Brett Kavanaugh currently faces sexual assault allegations for an incident that occurred when he was 17 years old. Even after the #MeToo movement, many still support Kavanaugh’s nomination. Given the events of the last two years, what we know about Brett Kavanaugh and the nature of our Supreme Court, Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing needs to be suspended until we know the truth about his actions.

In the last two years, the #MeToo movement has affected dialogue on sexual assault from Hollywood to Washington.

Tiana Watts | Views Layout Editor

These voices affirm that people who commit sexual assault or rape must be held accountable for their actions. When we elevate people in our government, we must guarantee we are not elevating any deviant behavior with them. If we let Kavanaugh slide through these hearings, it would push back against years of progress.

Beyond simply trusting the accusers, which ought to be done, we have additional reasons to distrust Kavanaugh. Senator Patrick J. Leahy has said, “Time and again, Kavanaugh appears to have misled the Senate under oath.” He lied to the Senate when he spoke about his stance on Roe v. Wade. At one point, Kavanaugh called the case the “worst abomination in the history of constitutional law,” but referred to it as “settled law” during his confirmation hearing.

He misled Senator Dick Durbin and the Judiciary Committee under oath. Kavanaugh seems to have lied about the role he played in the nomination of Judge Jim Haynes, contradicting himself. He is clearly not a man with any scruples. He has potentially lied under oath at least two times that have been noted so far. Because of his frequent alleged dishonesty, Kavanaugh has no place in government, especially on the Supreme Court.

Lastly, we need to respect the Supreme Court for the institution it is. Though it has been disgraced in the past and has made some terribly unfair and outright racist rulings, the Supreme Court is supposed to be composed of dignified and moral leaders. Considering that justices hold their position for life, we need to take the gravity of Kavanaugh’s appointment seriously. Any indication of deep immorality is relevant to his confirmation, even if the incident happened more than 30 years ago. In order to revive America’s political moral standards and in order to protect survivors of sexual violence, the Senate needs to postpone Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings until the allegations against his have been justly investigated.

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