Father John Misty set to grace the Civic Theater stage

Courtesy of https://commons.wikimedia.org

Father John Misty, also known as Joshua Michael Tillman or J. Tillman, is set to perform this Saturday night at the Civic Theater. From his role as the drummer in folk rock band Fleet Foxes to his abundance of solo albums, Father John Misty has made a name for himself in the indie folk world of music. On Saturday, he will highlight his most recent album, “God’s Favorite Customer.”

Father John Misty has a stunning sharp tenor voice that acts as the perfect uniting theme through all of his music. His gift for producing witty and relatable songs that grapple with diverse themes from humor to depression to

love keeps fans coming back album after album. In fact, two of his most popular songs are “Real Love Baby”, a non-album track, and “Mr. Tillman” from “God’s Favorite Customer.” “Real Love Baby” is a love song of sorts while “Mr. Tillman” tells a silly story of a rude hotel guest.

The musician wrote his newest album while living in a hotel for two months, which led him to the self-reflection found in many of the lyrics of this 40 minute long album. “God’s Favorite Customer” offers new messages with a sense of cynicism and reality intertwined. These new messages are coupled with his consistently beautiful vocals and instrumentals acting as a backdrop.

Many are eager to hear Misty’s fresh news sounds live Saturday night. Tickets are sold online for $40.

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