BROCKHAMPTON brought the NOLA house down. Last Saturday night, it gave an epic performance at the Orpheum Theater as part of the band’s “I’ll Be There” tour. Fan expectations were high for this show featuring the latest album, and the energy from the crowd could be felt before the doors opened with a line of people snaking around the parking garage hours before.

After opening with “WEIGHT,” one of the more mellow songs on BROCKHAMPTON’s new album “Iridescence,” the band went on to perform the high-energy song “NEW ORLEANS.” The excitement of experiencing “NEW ORLEANS” for the first time in its namesake city was palpable. Halfway into the song, the gate separating the audience from the stage broke due to the overly enthusiastic crowd, and the performance came to a halt when founding member Kevin Abstract announced the concert would be delayed until the gate could be fixed.

Forty-five minutes later, the band was back on stage and, to the delight of the crowd, began the song again, once again performing, and this time finishing, “NEW ORLEANS.” The colorful light show added to the exuberance in the theatre, and a huge screen showcased clips from the band’s music videos.

Fans didn’t know what to expect going into this first tour without former member Ameer Vann, who was recently kicked out of the band when sexual assault allegations against him came to light. The band shocked the crowd when it omitted all of Vann’s lyrics and instead chose to move onto the next verse. Supportive fans followed the band’s lead, and stopped singing Vann’s vocals.

BROCKHAMPTON encouraged audience participation and engaged with its fans by asking the crowd to become very quiet, then whisper the lyrics to songs such as “BLEACH” and “SAN MARCOS” without any input from the band.

Wrapping up a three-song encore that included “1998 TRUMAN,” “1999 WILDFIRE” and “BOOGIE,” the concert came to an end, and the lights came on to showcase each and every member of the audience drenched in sweat from a concert that exceeded expectations.

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