Greek Groove Sends Sisters to Senegal through Friendly Competition

Tulane Panhellenic Council put on its third annual Greek Groove dance competition in McAlister Auditorium this past Thursday, Nov. 1. Young women from each of Tulane’s eight Panhellenic Sororities strutted their stuff on stage in the hopes of winning ultimate bragging rights of the sorority with the most swagger.

A few of Tulane’s fraternities danced as well, bringing their funny and awkward flair to the show. Featuring amazing dances, modern songs and hilarious commentary from the hosts, the show was an absolute hit.

“I met a bunch of new people, made a bunch of new friends, and now I know a cool dance!” Chi Omega sophomore Aliah Banchik said.

Beyond the dancing, however, Greek Groove stands for a whole lot more than just competition.

The week leading up to Greek Groove was dedicated to raising money for the Circle of Sisterhood Trek to Senegal through buildOn. Circle of Sisterhood is a philanthropy organization that works nationally with sororities to remove barriers to education for girls. It focuses specifically on aiding women and children outside of the United States, reaching 24 countries on four continents.

The selection of the 15 delegates who will travel to Senegal in the spring to help build a school in a rural village was done with input from all eight sororities. The goal for the new school is that 50 percent of its students at all times will be female. In just four days of campaigning around campus, selling merchandise and tickets, and receiving donations from students and parents, the Tulane Panhellenic Council surpassed its goal, raising $40,100 for the philanthropy and the Trek.

Beyond serving communities in Senegal, Greek Groove serves as an entertaining way to bring sororities and fraternities together for a great cause. While Phi Mu and Phi Kappa Sigma may have won their respective sorority and fraternity dance competitions, the student unification and vast fundraising capacity of Greek Groove represents a win for the Tulane community as a whole.

Sophomore and Phi Mu Sarah McQuinton holds prize from winning Greek Groove dance competition. Photo courtesy of Katie Snyder

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