Referendum result: USG rebrands as Tulane Undergraduate Assembly

Martha Sanchez, News Editor

Tulane University students voted to rebrand Undergraduate Student Government to Tulane Undergraduate Assembly, marking a fresh start for the restructured organization after it faced allegations of racism, sexism and homophobia last year. 

Under the new name, the governing body will consist of 34 undergraduate students. Twenty-eight of those students will be elected by the student body and the remaining six will be appointed via lottery. The timeline for electing representatives this fall is not yet clear. 

Tulane Undergraduate Assembly will hold elections at the end of each spring semester. At that time, seven students from the sophomore, junior and senior classes will be elected by members of their respective grades. Seven first year students will be elected by members of their grade at the start of every fall semester. The six lottery seats will be filled after both elections. 

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