ARCADE | Remi Wolf electrifies at Republic

Laura Malagrino, Arcade Editor

Laura Malagrino

Remi Wolf is energetic, electric and eccentric. With the bright pop sounds that dominate Wolf’s discography, there’s plenty of potential for an invigorating concert experience — and Wolf did not disappoint. 

After the release of her first album, “Juno,” Wolf set off on the Gwingle Gwongle Tour, stopping at Republic in downtown New Orleans on Sept. 28. The venue was small, but even with the decently sized crowd, there was still enough space to feel the music both from the speakers and Wolf herself.

Wolf is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she bring a refreshing sound to pop, but she is also unapologetically herself. Included in her setlist was the song “Liquor Store,” which touches on Wolf’s struggle with addiction and fear of abandonment. 

After recognizing that she had a substance problem, Wolf spent time in rehab, following which she wrote her most recent album, “Juno.” Several of the songs Wolf performed were written after she found sobriety. The audience could feel the passion and energy that went into the creation of “Juno” throughout the entire venue. 

Wolf guided the crowd through her setlist and introduced every song with a story. Before singing “Michael,” Wolf asked the crowd if they had ever shared a connection with someone at a party but failed to get their name. After toiling over potential names, Wolf was set on the name Michael, and the music began to creep onto the stage.

Wolf connected with band members as well as the crowd, giving fans the opportunity to know the people behind the music beyond just Wolf herself. Wolf gave her drummer, Conor Malloy, the spotlight by switching places: Wolf took over the drums while Malloy came up to the microphone to go through some daily affirmation. It was only seconds until the entire crowd started chanting: “it was Dua Lipa summer, now it’s Dua Lipa fall, I am Dua Lipa.”

Likewise, the opener, Orion Sun, connected beautifully with the audience. Her voice drifted across the venue and set the stage for the vocal excellence that would later follow in Wolf’s set. Sun’s setlist ended with a bang, singing “Antidote,” her most-streamed song on Spotify with over 25 million listens.

Wolf’s exuberance draws listeners in. After her single “Photo ID” went viral on TikTok, Wolf’s most recent releases since then have 1 million streams at the very least. With catchy melodies and eclectic beats, there is no telling just how high Wolf will reach in her musical career.

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