Ortega’s scarily skilled Wednesday

Sophie Borislow, Arcade Editor

“The Addams Family” might not have left its mark on every household, yet the theme song to the show is so popular that those who have never heard of the iconic family still know the tune. “The Addams Family” started as a series of single-panel New Yorker cartoons drawn by Charles Addams and has since been adapted into numerous shows and movies

However, there was never a focus specifically on Wednesday, the morose and death-obsessed daughter of parents Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Cole Farrah

Netflix recently released a coming-of-age horror comedy series directed by Tim Burton that follows Wednesday Addams at her new boarding school for “outcasts, freaks and monsters,” — Nevermore Academy. The dialogue can be especially cringeworthy at times, like when Ajax refers to Wednesday as “a living Instagram filter.” It is difficult — and bold — to direct a series based on something as classic as “The Addams Family.” But, no worries, because Jenna Ortega carries the show with her adaptation of Wednesday Addams.

Ortega is slowly but surely earning her title as the next horror genre “it girl.” You might have seen her as young Jane in “Jane the Virgin,” as Ellie in Netflix’s “You,” as Lorraine in the A24 horror “X” or, maybe, as Annie in “Insidious: Chapter 2.” The 20-year-old will definitely be making waves as a result of this series. 

In fact, her popularity has already been set into motion, as she has gained over 10 million Instagram followers in the past 10 days. Ortega is earning recognition as her transformation into Wednesday captivates and inspires audiences. She has already left her mark on this unforgettable character, all the while displaying her spectacular acting skills. 

Wednesday Addams is unapologetically herself as she struggles with friendships and relationships — and an unknown serial killer. The most talked-about scene in the series so far is her dance scene in the fourth episode, “Woe What a Night.” In a video released by Netflix, Ortega humbly said that she choreographed the dance herself, which mimics the style of the original Wednesday Adams played by Lisa Loring in 1964. The dance scene has gone viral, and people are loving Jenna’s adaptation of her character.  

I binge-watched the series in less than 24 hours, shamelessly, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Burton’s genius continues to shine; the cast and production, fortunately, maintain the original Addams Family feel but with a brand new focus and plot. Ortega’s career is still just beginning, and her role as Wednesday Addams is exceptional.

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