TACConnection Spotlight

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor

Courtesy of TACConnection

Having only been founded in Fall of 2022, the Tulane Adoption Club Connection — or TACConnection — is one of the youngest recognized student organizations on campus.

In a statement shared with The Hullabaloo, TACConnection co-President Madison Burnstein described the organization as a space where people who are adopted can connect with and get to know other people who share that identity.

TACConnection’s chief goal is to advocate for people who were adopted and create a social environment for an identity that is otherwise not frequently focused on. The organization also wants to help facilitate discussion of adoption and what growing up as an adopted person is like. 

Given that anyone can be adopted, TACConnection intends to include and discuss elements of various cultures at their meetings. On the topic of identity, TACConnection also acknowledges the intersectional nature of being adopted.

Co-President Burnstein, in an interview with The Hullabaloo, highlighted a desire to explore this aspect of identity within TACConnection: “It’s an identity that is normally not centralized. Many adoptees are part of other multicultural groups, but sometimes there’s a disconnect between how we grew up compared to how our peers did in those groups. So, there’s a disconnect between how we grew up compared to how our peers did. This group is a way to connect with others on an identity that isn’t normally talked about.”

TACConnection will be present in the upcoming Spring Activities Expo and present in the Exploration section. TACConnection will also table by McCallister auditorium in the coming weeks, presenting multiple opportunities for interested students to engage.

Beyond in-person events, TACConnection also has an Instagram account and a Wavesync. Interested students can email TACConnection at [email protected]

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