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OPINION | For marginalized communities, new year brings little positivity

new year marginalized communities
2 days ago

The beginning of a new year has always been more than the transition to a new calendar year. A new year is a symbol of changing times, an opportunity to reflect on our past. Especially considering...

Reciprocity lost: Thanksgiving’s dark origin

thanksgiving and colonization
November 18, 2020

Each year, on the fourth Thursday of November, families and friends across the U.S. gather to express their gratitude for one another and various aspects of their lives. While this occasion has had...

I don’t attend protests but I can still fight for justice

student protests against TUPD
November 11, 2020

Following the tragic murder of George Floyd over the summer, the country saw massive peaceful protests held in several major cities. Living in Houston, Texas, I saw firsthand how powerful these demonstrations...

Horror, marginalization have always been intertwined

Horror, marginalization have always been intertwined
November 5, 2020

For several horror movie enthusiasts, myself included, Halloween is a time to indulge in all our fascinations with gore and fear. While the monsters we see on screen may seem to be nothing more than...

Voter suppression runs deep in American history

Voter suppression runs deep in American history
November 3, 2020

The 2020 presidential election hangs over the American people as both Republicans and Democrats rally one another to vote for their preferred candidates. Now more than ever, citizens understand the...

OPINION | Tulane’s all-gender bathrooms are not inclusive enough

gender inclusive bathrooms
September 30, 2020

If you look on the Tulane University admissions page for diversity and inclusion, you can catch a few of the initiatives they’ve put in place: testimonies from students of color, LGBTQ resources...

The failure of gay community building in college

gay men
May 1, 2020

For many closeted gay high school kids, college was the beaming light at the end of the tunnel. Confined to  small suburban hometowns and stifled by the ignorance of our young peers, we knew that...

First-generation college students, our triumphs are still valid

April 22, 2020

Just about four years ago from today, I committed to attending Tulane University and graduating amongst the Class of 2020. It was one of the most exciting days of my entire life. I called my dad after...

Heartbreak, coronavirus, and the best people I’ve ever known

April 7, 2020

Today, almost three weeks after Tulane’s initial announcement of transitioning academic instruction online, I decided to take a walk through campus. I was met with a chilling sadness as I passed through...

Say my name properly, it’s not that hard

Czars Trinidad | Layout Editor
March 25, 2020

My name, “Apoorva,” means "unique" in Malayalam, my native language. When my parents named me, they didn’t just choose a name but an aspiration. In my family, my name, as well as those of my siblings,...

How do you celebrate Black History Month at a university with so few Black people?

Black history
February 5, 2020

I grew up celebrating Black History in my great-grandfather’s church in Detroit. For 18 years, three generations of my family spent every February in a gospel-induced fervor, belting and dancing to my...

I’d like to think racism doesn’t exist, on bell hooks

I'd like to think racism doesn't exist, on bell hooks
February 5, 2020

*bell hooks as an author intentionally leaves her name lowercase  I see the photo of him on my Tulane ID card. The smile is ear-to-ear, wider than his mouth has ever been. In his eyes, I can see a...

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