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OPINION | Your vote impacts everyone

OPINION | Your vote impacts everyone

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor October 12, 2022

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has since allowed states to declare abortion illegal, prompted feelings of anxiety and a near-immediate activist response. The opinion...

Student Org Spotlight: SOAR

Student Org Spotlight: SOAR

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor September 22, 2022

Tulane’s Students Organizing Against Racism, also known as SOAR, is a “multicultural group on campus dedicated to anti-racist organizing and community building.”  According to a statement...

OPINION | Why political organizations matter on campus

OPINION | Why political organizations matter on campus

Taylor Spill, Contributing Columnist April 20, 2022

Politics, once seen as a taboo conversation topic, now has a large impact on our lives, especially at Tulane University. These discussions regarding politics most likely contributed to a record number...

OPINION | Corporate activism is about appeasement, not change

OPINION | Corporate activism is about appeasement, not change

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor March 24, 2022

  Many corporations prefer to avoid taking hard stances on social and political topics, minimizing the controversy associated with their name. Sometimes, however, companies like The Walt Disney...

Classist practices in activism

OPINION | Modern activism is stained with classist practices

Apoorva Verghese, Intersections Editor September 22, 2020

This past summer saw a massive resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and along with it, a growth in political engagement, specifically among young, voting-age individuals. Now more than ever,...

There is an apparent disconnect between students talk and actions.

OPINION | College is not about getting rich

Amy Stambaugh, Contributing Writer September 16, 2020

America is facing a reckoning. Inequality in the U.S. has reached levels not seen since before the Great Depression. A 2016 Brookings Institute analysis found that the average white family had more...


OPINION | Students’ apathy towards New Orleans is glaring

Deeya Patel, Views Editor September 16, 2020

At an institution where nearly 70% of the students come from the 20% richest families in America, it is easy to imagine that many Tulane students are out of touch with the majority of the world’s struggles....


Tulane activism suffers from student apathy

Cullen Fagan, Views Editor February 5, 2020

Young people are the future. This message is broadcast every day over the media and through the social movements that have recently taken the world by storm. The importance of youth in activism is apparent...

equity fee

Equity Fee organizers Les Griots Violets introduce themselves and their mission

Les Griots Violets November 6, 2019

Nous sommes Les Griots Violets. We are Les Griots Violets. We are activists, we are organizers, we are revolutionaries, we are movers and shakers. We are storytellers. We lift the voices of those who have...

Saartj, the pop-up lunch counter, offered visitors the opportunity to address the issue in a provocative way.

Pop-up counter Saartj serves customers taste of wealth disparity through prices

Taylor DeMulling, Arcade Editor April 4, 2018

For lunch-goers looking for a side of social discourse with their sandwiches, a shop opened up at the Roux Carre Market last month prompting discussion about racial wealth disparity in New Orleans. Saartj,...

Bursting the Bubble: Tulane students engage in NOLA activism

Bursting the Bubble: Tulane students engage in NOLA activism

Emily Fornof and Nile Pierre March 21, 2018

"The election happened, and I felt propelled to actually be engaged in doing organizing work and activism and doing something tangible with all of the anxiety, sadness and fear I was feeling," Tulane senior...

From The Basement: NBA disassociation with mental health issues in its players

From The Basement: NBA disassociation with mental health issues in its players

Bella Baff, Staff Reporter March 21, 2018

From the Basement is a weekly column in which the Hullabaloo Sports team discusses its opinion on contemporary sports issues. Professional athletes undoubtedly serve as powerful role models, and fortunately...

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