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OPINION | Tulane’s failing anti-smoke policy

OPINION | Tulane’s failing anti-smoke policy

Thamidul Alam, Staff Writer February 9, 2022

    Effective August 1, 2014, Tulane University campuses declared themselves 100% tobacco and smoke-free. Any student that attends Tulane is aware that this declaration is an idealization...

Despite fueling the digital age, the porn industry has a troubling dark side.

OPINION | Porn must change immediately

Thamidul Alam, Contributing Columnist November 10, 2021

We have all watched porn before. The pornography industry has become normalized throughout the years and the stigma associated with it has decreased significantly.  Many factors contribute to porn's...

Charlie Peeler (L) and Holly Haney (R) at John Mulaney: From Scratch

Two children of divorce review ‘John Mulaney: From Scratch’

Grace Pearson-Thompson and Holly Haney November 10, 2021

Our qualifications to write this article are numerous. As children of divorce, long-time fans of John Mulaney and avid participants in parasocial relationships that bear no significance to us in the...


Juul craze finds home at Tulane

Sophia Mariani, Associate News Editor April 11, 2018

With a quick draw of the breath, smoke begins to billow. Wisps of gray fill the air. The cloud swirls out, drifting, rolling. In an anonymous survey conducted by The Hullabaloo, more than half of respondents...

Tulane dean expands virtual reality technology to aid those with autism, addiction

Tulane dean expands virtual reality technology to aid those with autism, addiction

Emily Fornof, Intersections Editor January 24, 2018

Patrick Bordnick, dean of the School of Social Work, brought his 12-year-old daughter into his lab where he was working on virtual reality therapy. To Bordnick's surprise, he watched as his daughter walked...

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