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OPINION | Lake, River Hall delay represents poor communication

OPINION | Lake, River Hall delay represents poor communication

Sarah Lambert, Contributing Writer December 7, 2022

It's been a difficult couple of years in Tulane University’s effort to build a dorm building. With a pandemic, labor and material shortages and annual hurricanes, there have certainly been many legitimate...

OPINION | Omicron outbreak shows mask mandates inadequacy

OPINION | Omicron outbreak shows mask mandate’s inadequacy

Gabi Liebeler, Views Editor December 15, 2021

For the third time in two years, Tulane University students are flying home early and resorting to online classes and exams to evacuate a crisis. This time, undergraduate students are apprehensive...

Spring 2021s academic calendar is glaringly lacking real breaks.

OPINION | Tulane continues to save face at cost of students’ well being

Lily Mae Lazarus, Views Editor November 11, 2020

Since August, Tulane University students have weathered the administrative pandemonium of the fall semester. Though many higher education institutions chose to conduct courses remotely due to legitimate...

OPINION | Tulane’s ‘ban’ on travel belittles students

OPINION | Tulane’s ‘ban’ on travel belittles students

Robert Chumbley, Contributing Writer October 6, 2020

Tulane University’s recently issued Fall 2020 Student Travel Protocol sparked confusion and questions among students who wish to venture outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, during the school year....

The Campus Patient Portal crashes frequently when scheduling a COVID-19 test

Campus testing does not provide a sense of security

Deeya Patel, Views Editor September 2, 2020

It is apparent that unease has punctuated life at Tulane this semester. Overheard in passing conversations, seen in tweets and read in emails is a widespread panic that the university is making a mistake...

Ashley Chen | Views Layout Editor

LTTE: USG sustainability committee

John Alexander and Grace Cushing April 11, 2019

Dear Editor, The members of the Undergraduate Student Government Sustainability Committee are writing you to express the widespread concern among the Tulane community regarding climate change. The purpose...

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