The Tulane Hullabaloo

Tulane Catholic to host weekend Encounter Retreat

October 10, 2018

College can be full of stressful times, especially for students still transitioning to Tulane. For those looking to get away for a weekend and engage in deeper conversation, Tulane Catholic is hosting...

How Tulane students stay engaged with religion in college

How Tulane students stay engaged with religion in college
September 26, 2018

Many students have fond memories of waking up early on Christmas or finally finding the Afikomen during Passover. The majority of students are brought up with a religious background, but fewer choose...

Catholic Center programs around inclusivity and education

catholic center
March 7, 2018

This spring, leaders at the Tulane Catholic Center say they hope to engage students in intellectual thought and religious inquiry. The center has helped bring a number of speakers to campus in the...

Catholic Center graffitied with anti-religious images

February 17, 2018

On Saturday, an onlooker reported graffiti at the Catholic Center building, according to Tulane University Police Department. The images were identified as  anti-Catholic by members of the community. On...

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