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Documentary follow up to ‘Roleplay’ in post production

Roleplay cast photo

Ori Tsameret, Intersections Editor

3 days ago

Last fall, “Roleplay,” a theatrical production borne out of a collaboration between the Tulane Department of Theater and Dance and Goat in the Road Productions, took the campus by storm.  The play follows an ensemble of college students dealing with identity, the mental and emotional burdens of undergra...

Tulane policy still fails to address sexual violence


Lily Lazarus, Contributing Writer

February 19, 2020

Lily runs the sexual violence support group for Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. Following the 2017 Climate Assessment, Tulane launched the Wave of Change initiative in 2018. The initiative was an attempt to combat sexual violence through education and prevention programming, workshops and panels, promis...

Where did the anger over the 2018 climate survey go?

climate survey

Deeya Patel, Views Editor

February 6, 2020

Content Warning: Please be advised that this article contains content related to sexual assault and rape.  Tulane in 2018 was a Tulane in despair. When a climate survey revealed that 41% of its female students had experienced sexual assault, efforts to address and prevent the situation were ...

USG sexual violence town hall addresses climate survey updates

Amy Nankin | News Editor

Amy Nankin, News Editor

October 16, 2019

On Tuesday, Tulane’s Undergraduate Student Government hosted its annual Sexual Violence Town Hall, a platform for students to voice concerns about sexual violence on campus.    The Sexual Violence Town Hall was created following the campus-wide Climate Survey in 2018. The success of the e...

LGBTQ+ student sexual misconduct report identifies disparities in queer experience

climate survey

Deeya Patel, News Editor

September 12, 2019

“In particular with LGBTQ+ students, 33% reported being a victim of an attempted rape, and 31% reported being raped by a sexually violent perpatrator. I think it’s important to understand that’s pretty significant,” Dan Tillapaugh said.  Tillapaugh conducts research on intersectional issues and social...

Letter to the Editor: Addressing The Elephant

Ashley Chen | Views Layout Editor

Allison Foster and Katarina Engler

April 4, 2019

Dear Editor: The 2017 Tulane University Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey results were staggering. Their release took Tulane by storm, and rightly so. 41% of Tulane undergraduate women and 18% of Tulane undergraduate men reported being sexually assaulted during their time at Tulane. That number is...

Tulane brings in sexual assault researchers to support LGBTQ, students of color

Tulane brings in sexual assault researchers to support LGBTQ, students of color

Nile Pierre and Kila Moore

March 20, 2019

In 2017, Tulane released a climate survey which included data on rates of sexual assault on Tulane’s campus. According to the survey results, undergraduate women, particularly LGBTQ students, reported the highest rates of sexual violence. Though 41 percent of undergraduate women reported being sexually a...

Students reflect on Spotify, cancel culture

Students reflect on Spotify, cancel culture

Lucy Reynal, Staff Reporter

February 14, 2019

In the absence of an effective legal framework for accountability, how do we contend with artists who have allegedly committed acts of violence? What does it mean to “cancel” someone? According to senior CeCe Alder, “It’s just an act of resistance that happens on the individual level in hope...

Lisa Currie becomes Interim Associate Director for The Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity

Lisa Currie becomes Interim Associate Director for The Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity

Michael Naish, Associate News Editor

November 8, 2018

Lisa Currie, the new interim associate director for the Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity, says between adjusting to life in a new city and planning forward-thinking initiatives for OGSD, she’s been kept on her toes. In spite of that, she’s already begun decorating her new office. ...

Tulane introduces new policies to limit high-risk drinking

Tulane introduces new policies to limit high-risk drinking

Campbell Lutz, Sophie Brams, and Kila Moore

August 30, 2018

After being ranked the No. 1 party school on the Princeton Review’s 2017 College Ranking List, Tulane fell to the No. 3 position this year, behind The University of Delaware and West Virginia University. While some students say this does little to quell Tulane’s reputation as a party school, ...

TableTalk brings new discussion with gun violence walk-in


Sophia Mariani, Associate News Editor

April 26, 2018

TableTalk is a nonprofit organization that aims to bring together different types of people and organizations for constructive discussions on topics and issues facing society today. The organization is founded on the idea that students often end up in self-segmented conversations, where like-mind...

Project IX aims to find meaningful solutions to sexual violence

project IX

Fiona Grathwohl, Senior Staff Reporter

March 8, 2018

Approximately 50 students gather around every Wednesday evening, reading quotations from anonymous Tulane peers about campus culture and sexual assault in the community. They are working together to find solutions to Tulane's sexual violence problem. Over the next 10 weeks, these students hope their small ideas w...