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Tulane students have no trouble heedlessly discarding expensive items

OPINION | Want not, waste a lot: Tulane students need to check their privilege

Lily Mae Lazarus, Views Editor September 23, 2020

Last spring, when the majority of the Tulane body evacuated due to COVID-19, the financial insensitivity of the student body was openly displayed around campus. Sophomores threw their lightly used futons,...


Freshman knocks socks off campus, donates 250 pairs to homeless

Sanjali De Silva, News Editor April 11, 2018

What many people see as just a smelly piece of laundry is an item desperately needed by others. Socks are one of the most needed things in homeless shelters across the country, yet they are typically one...

science and engineering

School of Science and Engineering receives $10 million for new complex

Cassie Hayno, Contributing Reporter March 16, 2018

The number of undergraduate students with a primary or secondary major in the School of Science and Engineering was more than 2,500 in 2017, making up nearly one-third of the entire undergraduate population....

stem cell

Student Zoe Miller gives life-saving stem cell donation

Sanjali De Silva, News Editor February 1, 2018

Graduate student Zoe Miller swabbed her mouth with a Q-tip in the summer of 2014, not knowing that one day it would change lives. Miller went on a birthright trip to Israel where everyone in her group...

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